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What men really want for Valentine?s Day

by Felicia Di Palma February 9, 2010

Valentine’s Day is usually a women’s holiday. A huge dose of pressure is placed on the men to plan the perfect evening and buy the ideal gift. Women, on the other hand, get to sit back, enjoy and put out at the end of the night.
Is it just me, or is there an unspoken rule that men have to do everything? Last time I checked, Valentine’s Day was about both partners in a relationship. No wonder most guys consider it to be a “bullshit holiday.”

That said, I propose a challenge to every woman who has someone special to spend Valentine’s Day with: this year you plan Valentine’s Day and not the other way around. He’s most probably a good man if you’re still with him, so give him a little extra appreciation. Men may not always admit it, but they love attention.

Now, here’s the big question: what do men really want for Valentine’s Day?
When it comes to presents, men want something thoughtful, but simple. He doesn’t want to wonder how much you spent on his gift when he opens it. What he wants is to know you put thought into it.
“It may surprise you, but I would like a card for Valentine’s Day,” says Ben Poirier, 21. “If you actually put effort into the text you write, or the card you choose, and I can tell, it will make me a lot happier than blowing whatever amount of cash on me.”
Could it be any simpler? Tell your man how you feel about him, in a non-cheesy way with a heartfelt card.

For Valerio Di Genova, 20, a photograph of him and his girlfriend, or just of his girlfriend is the perfect gift, especially since his girlfriend hates photos.
“Pictures are iconic. It’s the simple things that matter,” said Di Genova.
If you’re comfortable with your figure and want to get more creative when giving a photo as a present, a good option to consider is to have some sultry photographs taken by a professional.

“After purchasing a 1969 Firebird, I’ve often wondered how my girlfriend would look if she would voluntarily pose next to my car as she wore promiscuous lingerie,” said Evangelos Sacciadis, 23. You’re young and sexy and your tits aren’t in your shoes yet, so why not?
When it comes to what to do on Valentine’s Day, men would like a few things from their girlfriends as well.


One thing I’ve come to realize from talking to several men, is they enjoy when their ladies get a bit creative. The point isn’t to be something you’re not, but to try and step outside your boundaries. “Do something you both have never done before. If you live alone, invite him over and make something fantastic, or even better yet, hire a chef so you can both relax and enjoy your night,” suggested Anthony Rossi, 20.


Believe it or not, men actually want women to plan romantic evenings for them. They want to feel like kings. “Just to have a romantic night: a nice supper by candlelight and either some alone time watching a movie next to a lit fire or a ride to Mount Royal to watch the sunrise, would be ideal,” said Matthew Riccio, 20.


Let’s face it, who doesn’t want sex on Valentine’s Day? Get yourself something sexy to wear in the bedroom and make sure it’s nothing too complicated that won’t come off easily. You want to turn him on, not frustrate him. And if you’re feeling wild, opt for a seductive costume.
But while sex may be the best way to end the night, there’s no reason why you can’t tease him a little beforehand. Just give him a taste of what’s to come, it’ll make for steamier sex.
“Valentine’s Day should be spent making love and being intimate with the person you love,” said Cameron Otway, 20. “Spending time alone with your lover is vital for having a strong and successful relationship, and hey, who wouldn’t like having sex for most of the day?”

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