U de M lecturers begin strike

Lecturers at Quebec’s largest university walked off the job Feb. 24, after contract negotiations reached a standstill.
The 2,433 lecturers, who teach almost a quarter of the classes at Universit̩ de Montr̩al &- and according to their union teach almost half of undergraduate courses Рhave been without a contract for six months. They are asking for salary increases of 21 per cent over three years and smaller class sizes.
According to the union, U de M lecturers make less than their counterparts at other Montreal universities, a claim the university disputes.
The university also says they don’t have the money to cover the lecturers demands.
But students aren’t feeling the pinch yet 8212; their spring break began on Monday.
“I’m not that worried,” said Laurence Carriere, a law student, who will have three of her classes affected by the strike when she returns.
But Carriere, who is graduating this spring, said she hopes the strike comes to a quick resolution.
If the strike forces an extended semester, “I’m going to be really mad. But stuff like that happens and I think they’re right to do what they’re doing,” she said. “I think it’s justified.”
The two sides will be back at the bargaining table on March 8.


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