Through the uprights: Sept. 14, 2010

As I woke up on Sunday morning in a haze, feeling sick and wondering when, if ever, I would get out of bed, I was startled by phone vibrating. I reached for the phone and read the message; “WAKE UP YOU A**HOLE IT’S SUNDAY!!!”

And he was right, it was. Finally, the moment that die-hard football fans had been waiting for for over seven months was here. After speculating on how teams would be affected by April’s rookie draft, free agency, trades, and suspensions, fans everywhere got to finally see their team in action for the first time (except for New Orleans and Minnesota, who played last Thursday) in what seemed like forever. While only 14 teams could come away with a win (four more play each other tonight, after presstime), there were bound to be some unhappy fans.

The unhappiest of them all might have been those who root for the 49ers. Quarterback Alex Smith and receiver Michael Crabtree had no chemistry all game, and allowed their team to get crushed 31-6 by the lowly Seahawks. If the Niners, who were almost unanimously picked to win the division, hope to do anything this year, they’re going to need to fix that lack of chemistry, and fix it fast.

The Cowboys’ and Lions’ fans also must be upset after watching a last-minute win being negated by a holding penalty and a controversial rule, respectively. While the Lions weren’t expected to do much on the road in Chicago, the Cowboys have to be devastated by losing to a division rival with so much baggage (new QB, head coach, offensive coordinator).

Fans of the Texans and Giants, on the other hand, should be ecstatic. The Texans used a dominating rushing attack led by Arian Foster’s team-record 231 yards to dominate the defending AFC-champion Colts. With the Texans’ passing game already being proven, fans in Houston have got to be optimistic about what this season could bring.

Though the Giants were playing at home and favoured against the Panthers, the way they handled them in the air must have people excited. Hakeem Nicks had a career day by hauling in three touchdowns, and running back Ahmad Bradshaw busted out a beautiful 29-yard run to add to an already productive day. Eli Manning’s three interceptions, however, looks a little alarming.

With the first weekend finally in the books, we were only given a small taste of what this season could bring. Hopefully, for the sake of the Texans, Giants, and others, it will be more exciting wins like this.


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