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Ra Ra Riot: Not Just Some Pretty Faces

by admin December 7, 2010

Those who showed up early to get their money’s worth out of their tickets were rewarded with Imaginary Cities, who played a good show with some stunning vocals. Most people in the crowd were familiar with The Most Serene Republic, the next to take the stage, and the band had almost as many fans as Ra Ra Riot. Happily bobbing their heads along to the music, concertgoers enjoyed an intimate atmosphere with the performers perched on a small platform at the front of the club. Indeed, there was no backstage entrance for the performers; to get onto the stage the members of the band had to push past the crowd. This made Ra Ra Riot’s encore slightly anticlimactic as they got off stage and hid behind the front door momentarily before coming back on stage. Fans took advantage of the lack of stage elevation and closeness to congratulate the bands, get autographs, and steal set lists after the show.

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