City in brief: Jan. 18, 2011

Bottled water saga continues

At last Wednesday’s CSU council meeting, VP sustainability and promotions Morgan Pudwell stated that CSU representatives will be meeting with other interested groups as early as this week regarding a bottled water free campus. She also indicated that she would like to see a referendum on the question, and said a campaign to educate the student population in regards to bottled water is still being planned out. The CSU has added three new water dispensers at their offices and at Hojo.

Support for shoes

Calls to boycott shoe store Le Marcheur due to its sale of Israeli-made products had local politicians visiting the St. Denis St. business over the weekend. NDG’s Liberal MP Marlene Jennings indicated that she was showing her support for the store’s owners and that the boycott fuels anti-democratic movements. ADQ MNA François Bonnardel drove in from Granby to pick up a pair of shoes for himself. He also lashed out at Québec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir for supporting calls for the boycott, which began last fall after activists advocating for pro-Palestinian rights started picketing Le Marcheur for selling Israeli-made BeautiFeel shoes.

Music > sex?

At least that’s what scientists are saying. A team from the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital found that the pleasurable experience of listening to music releases dopamine, which is more commonly associated with more tangible pleasures, such as food, drugs, and sex. In order to measure the dopamine release, researchers studied the body’s reaction to music, such as breathing, heartbeat, temperature, and “chills.” The study also found that the anticipation of listening to music induces the release of dopamine.

Concordia student first 2011 homicide

Jason Peagram, an economics student at Concordia University, became Montreal’s first murder victim of 2011 after an argument with another man turned violent last Wednesday. According to police the 22-year-old student was arguing with the man inside his apartment building. When the fight was brought outdoors the as-of-yet unknown assailant reportedly pulled a gun and fired, striking Peagram three times including one fatal wound to his neck.


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