Action and Your Concordia are in two-way race for CSU

With poster night over, and campaigning for the next two weeks, the two slates vying for the CSU executive and seats on senate, Board of Governors and council have unveiled their candidates. Notably, current CSU executives Ramy Khoriaty and Hassan Abdullahi are both running for Action for senate and Board of Governors, respectively. Which means they’ll be taking leaves of absence from their work as VPs, leaving the trio of Heather Lucas, Adrien Severyns and Andres Lopez on the executive.

Check in with the Concordian for interview and more information on the candidates on Tuesday.
But for now, here are your candidates for the 2011 CSU elections, and some of their platform points.

Your Concordia
Lex Gill – president
Laura Glover – VP sustainability and student life
Hasan Cheikhzen – VP academic
Melissa Fuller – VP Loyola and services
Jordan Lindsay – VP finance
Gonzo Nieto – VP clubs and student spaces
Morgan Pudwell – VP advocacy and outreach
Chad Walcott – VP external

Platform points
Block attempts to raise tuition and fees
Create student space
Endorsement for groups currently seeking to start or increase fee levies: CJLO, The Void, Queer Concordia
Bottled water free campus
Support for Safe Sex Project
Create a council for clubs
Swap shop


Kyle McLoughlin
Irmak Bahar
Tally Shaaked
Melanie Hotchkiss
Cameron Monagle
April Underwood
Bruno Joyal
Michaela Manson
Anaii Lee Ender
Renee Tousignant
Simon Pierre Lauzon
Amer Muiny
Lina Saigol
Annie Thompson
Sabrina D’Ambra
Fares Jandali Rifai
Kenan Al Rejleh
Tina Salameh
Morgan Todd
Otbah Rayess
Ahmed Al-Ahmed
Lorne Segall
Fine arts
Iain Meyer-Macaulay
Ali Moenck
Eva-Loan Ponton-Pham
Erick Ung

Marwan Cheguenni (JMSB)
Tina Salameh (ENCS)
Bilal Hamideh (A&S)
Andy Filipowich (Fine arts)

Board of Governors
Laura Beach
AJ West

Khalil Haddad – president
Natasha Launi – VP student life and Loyola
Rasim Hafiz – VP services and sustainability
Teresa Seminara – VP university affairs
Leslie Reifer – VP clubs and promotions
Tanya Ng – VP finance
Georges Alexandar – VP external and campaigns

Platform points
Oppose tuition hikes
Extend the shuttle bus hors
Free midnight breakfast during exams
Financial transparency
Reform university governance
Bottled-water free campus
Organize a career symposium
Reclaim student space


Aaron Green
Alex Gordon
Asma Omar
Audrey Vanesse
Caroline Bourbonniere
Alexa Newman
Evara David
Laura Gomez
Marvin Colby
Museb Abu-Thuraia
Nancy Salama
Roy Ghannoum
Schubert Laforest
Terrance Adams
Fine arts
Alexis Suzuki
Paisley Sim
Yuliya Barnnik
Ariel Daborah
Anthony D’urbano
Daniel Shakibaian
Gregory Synanidis
Maxime Morin
Mahmoud Abdelrahman
Stephanie Laurin
Emran Ghasemi
Stephen Brown
Rami Khoriaty
John Bellingham
Nyieng Aung
Yassir Aziz

Tomer Shavit
Diana Sitoianu
Yassir Aziz
Danny Shakibaian

Hassan Abdullahi
Amanda Cabiakman



  1. I’m also running for Councilor, don’t really know why my name was omitted. Also, Andy Filipowich is running for Fine Arts Senate.

    1. Hi Ali! You were omitted because we didn’t (for some reason) add the fine arts council and senate candidates when we first posted this page. But thanks for pointing it out, it should be fixed now. – Sarah

  2. I find it strange how 6 out of 7 of those who are headlining Action feel the need to state their ethnicity on their write ups for the website. I noticed this in past years with Vision/Fusion.

    It’s not to say that I’m against multiculturalism, but I just don’t think one’s race/ethnicity should be the first thing they bring up when discussing their platform.

    When you’re trying to convince people that they should vote for you and trust you to fairly represent them, this shouldn’t be the first thing you bring up.

      1. This is excellent. I really hope you guys make it this year. CSU is in need of massive change, and your group seems to have some of the most responsible and intelligent members that I’ve seen in a very long time. Good luck to you all!

  3. comming from a non-bias student who wont be voting in this years election as its my final semester…i just find it almost funny while reading the names of the your concordia councilors…its sad that in 3 years i have not of head of hardly any of their names or seen anything they have done for the school and these inexperienced people want to run our school? On the other hand action’s executive team seems to be very accomplished and knows what they are doing, they would have had my vote, and probably the votes of any competent student at this school!

    1. Hi Jordan,

      My name is on that list. I’m sorry I haven’t been as out there as some of the other candidates, but here’s some of what I’ve been doing.

      I should say that I’ve not been one of the ASFA/CSU groupies. I was a bit reticent to run because I find the CSU has generally been very ineffective, but I hope we can change that!

      On campus, I’ve organized the Alternative Spring Break program for two years in a row, I work in residence, I volunteer when I can at the potato and frigo vert, and I helped mobilize for December 6, 12 March, and of course the WHALE. Not to be negative, but I don’t really recall seeing very many of the Action faces in attendance, and certainly not at the mobilization meetings.

      Off campus I have experience working for the Obama campaign in the U.S. and organizing for marriage equality, environmental causes, etc.

      I haven’t organized very many parties, but I think there’s more to student life than that.

      I know the people I’m running with quite a bit, particularly from working with them on WHALE, etc., I can assure you these are people who spend a LOT of time working at school, be it in Residence, in some of our clubs, M.A.’s, or even the CSU.

      I hope this didn’t come off as snarky, but I think it’s important to elect people outside of the ASFA/CSU dynasty–it’s been a failed recipe, why go back to it?

      Thanks, please check out our website to see our plans to do things differently!

      Cameron Monagle
      Candidate – Arts and Science Councilor,

    2. Didn’t mean to like this

      Actually its funny, the reason you wouldn’t vote for these inexperienced people is exactly the reason most people will, they aren’t associated with the current Concordia political scene.

      Sure Action might have more political experience, but they are experienced in the kind of politics that has seen students lose confidence in them.

      You might not have seen their names before, but you sure as hell are now and I hope that when it comes down to it, students won’t vote for who’s name they’ve seen more, but who’s ideas they agree with more.

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