Couscous Comedy Show

Who knows what you’ll find at the Couscous Comedy Show? For those who don’t know the event, this unique combination of homemade couscous – prepared by master of ceremony Uncle Fofi – and cultural cross-fertilization of standup comedians has treated Montrealers to something different for almost two years.

Last Sunday, the now-famous couscous dealer magnificently wrapped up a new season. Fofi assembled over a dozen standup comedians for a three-hour show, punctuated by Fofi’s own incredible presentation.

The night ended with a standing ovation when all the artists gathered together on the stage with the diva singer Vanessa.

The performers included musician Karim Medfai, Sebastien Louis XVI (“the King of Magic”), Jocelyn Haas, Richardson Zephir, Tom Cock, Nicolas Tremblay Cote, Morgan O’Shea, Cherry, Sebastien Ravary, Couscous News Fifo with reporter Farah Bandahmane, Dorothy Rhau, Reda Senoussaoui, Benjamin Marquis, Neev Ben Simhon, Adib Al Khalidey and Vanessa. Hassan El Hadi wrapped up the show with a music concert.








The next Couscous Comedy Show with Uncle Fofi is March 20 at 6 p.m., at Cafe Campus. For more information, check out

Photos by David Vilder



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