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CSU Elections 2011

by (letters to the editor) March 22, 2011

I recommend Yasir Aziz as a candidate for ENCS Senator. I have known Yasir for over two years. He has been actively involved in various student groups, including being elected VP activities for PSA for the year 2009-2010 and president for 2010-2011. He has also been an active member of Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) Concordia. For the time I have known him, I found him a very dedicated and motivated person; therefore, I truly believe that he has the expertise to be successful as an ENCS senator. Yasir Aziz would be an ideal candidate for this position. On behalf of my association we endorse our full support for team Action and its candidate Yasir Aziz for upcoming election for CSU 2011-2012.

Muhammed Malik
Acting President and Vice President
PSA Concordia


I recommend Rasim Hafiz as a candidate for VP services & sustainability. I have personally known Rasim for over two years. He has been actively involved in the improvement of student life at Concordia. He has been the president of Muslim Students Association for the year 2010-2011 and been consecutively elected for two years as an Engineering Councillor on the CSU. For the time I have known him, I found him a very dedicated and motivated person who cares about the betterment of students; therefore, I truly believe that he has proved himself to be worthy of the position of VP services and sustainability.

On behalf of my association we endorse our full support for team Action and its candidate Rasim Hafiz for upcoming election for CSU 2011-2012.

Muhammed Malik
Acting President and Vice President
PSA Concordia


I am Khatib Tamal, the President of Bangladeshi Students’ Association, I would like to recommend Rasim Hafiz as a candidate for VP services and sustainability in the CSU. I have known him for the past two years as a very hard working person, I appreciate his involvement in various on campus activities such as being elected president of the Muslim Students’ Association and as the engineering councillor for the CSU for the past two years.

I believe that Rasim with years of experience behind him would be an ideal candidate for this position, and I endorse my full support for team Action in this upcoming CSU election for 2011-2012, on March 29th, 30th and 31st.

Khatib Tamal
BSA Concordia


I would like to say congratulations to everyone who is running in the CSU elections, it is touching to see how much time and effort students are putting into our student union during election time. However, when it comes to voting, I stand behind the team that I know will continue working this hard next year to improve CSU for students, which is why my vote will be for Your Concordia.

I have had the privilege with working and personally knowing many people on the Your Concordia slate, all of whom are truly amazing individuals. They are a positive, diverse, strong, and passionate group of students who I know will work hard to represent the students responsibly and fairly. In past years CSU has had many troubling incidents, especially regarding transparency, and not enough change has been made to make CSU as great as I know it can be. I know Your Concordia is the fresh face that CSU needs to make positive changes because of their devotion to students and their strong work ethic.

Overall, CSU is a powerful union that represents Concordia’s students. It is largely funded by students’ money, and therefore I hope students educate themselves to make an informed vote at the end of March. Personally, I believe Your Concordia is made up of student leaders who sincerely care about Concordia’s student body, and who strive to work for a better union than we’ve seen in the past. I look forward to saying that our CSU is run by such individuals.

Sophia Mitchell


On March 29, I will be voting for Anaii Lee-Ender to represent arts and sciences students on the CSU Council. In the time that I have known Anaii she has shown herself to be a passionate, outspoken and involved individual. There is no doubt in my mind that Anaii will be a vocal addition to council ready and willing to advocate on behalf of her constituents. It is not only because of this strength in character that I will be voting for Anaii, but also because she is concerned about issues that matter to me, namely, fighting tuition fee increases. I believe Anaii and the Your Concordia team will rally students around this issue and make the CSU a champion of the student movement once again. This is why Anaii Lee-Ender and the Your Concordia team have my support and my vote.

Arielle de Pagter


I reconnected with Renee Tousignant, an old high school friend, when we both found ourselves in first-year communications nearly two years ago now. I had always known her to be involved and spirited when it came to school activities, and despite the hectic nature of university alone, she has not lost this drive to help shape and improve student life, most notably through her continued involvement in COMS guild.

Renee is a motivated person, a quality that extends beyond her political contributions. I have consistently seen Renee take on extra responsibilities and still endeavor to do well in school, a goal she has achieved by maintaining a high GPA. while staying highly involved in promoting richer student life at Concordia.

The dedication with which she performs any task thrown her way is admirable, and acts as a testament to her commitment to never do anything halfheartedly. My recommendation for you to vote for Renee as arts and science councillor does not stem from my personal appraisal of her, but rather comes from my first-hand look at her ability to get things done in her capacity as a member of the COMS guild. I can only imagine how favourably the ability she has shown there will translate to a new position. This demonstration of drive is why I prompt you to vote for Renee as your new arts and science councillor in the upcoming elections on March 29, 30, and 31.

Justine Israel


I write this letter to share how strongly I feel that Concordia undergrads should elect Your Concordia to the CSU. Specifically, I write to endorse two candidates: Melissa Fuller, running for VP Loyola & services, and Renee Tousignant, running as an arts & science councillor.

I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa and Renee over the past year on the COMS guild. Melissa is one of our co-presidents, and I admire her strong passion and dedication for improving student life, especially on the Loyola campus. Melissa’s involvement in student politics is not to gain popularity, but is due to her belief that she has the ability to enact change for the students. I am confident that this is true. Melissa is an extremely hard worker; she is thorough and efficient, somewhat of a perfectionist, who will work as long as she needs to, even if this means pulling an all-nighter.

Despite her lack of sleep, Melissa is always energetic, positive and brave enough to be creative and think differently when addressing student needs. Instead of throwing expensive parties she would speak to the students, and create services and events tailored to what they want.

Melissa is highly approachable. Her open-mindedness and strong beliefs in diversity mean that she will take into account the needs of every student, no matter who they are. Melissa believes in innovation, and does not believe that including the Loyola campus means throwing a few concerts, creating some meager spaces and calling it a day. Although this is Renee’s first year on the COMS guild, her enthusiasm this year is proof enough of her abilities to be a capable representative. She has become involved on numerous ASFA committees this year, and has connected with students all across campus in order to foster goodwill among our programs. Her astounding dedication to the rules has made her one of the most transparent VP finances I have ever encountered.

I believe both Melissa and Renee have the skills necessary to be given this responsibility, and to be in charge of a vast amount of student money.
Team Action advocates that they have more “experience.” However, I do not want the same old people running my student organization. I want people with fresh ideas. I want people who will actually engage with the students. I want a new, better CSU.

Beverly Herscovitch
VP communications COMS guild


As you are probably aware, Gonzalo Nieto is running in the upcoming CSU elections on the slate of Your Concordia as VP clubs & student space. As someone who has worked closely with Gonzalo over the course of this past year, I feel confident in putting my support behind his candidacy.

I know Gonzalo through überculture, a Concordia-based student group that aims to resculpt the social dynamics of the world in which we live. Having joined in September of 2010, the impact he has had was immediately felt upon his arrival. This year alone, he has helped with the organization of all of our monthly Really Really Free Market events, has worked to try to secure storage space for überculture (as our miniscule office is packed), was a driving force behind the WHALE assembly on the Reggie’s terrace, and was a restless and passionate volunteer in regards to the campaigning done for the recent student centre referendum, just to name a few of the student-supporting causes to which he has lent his support.

Considering the amount of time he has spent and the precedent he has set for himself in trying to protect what student space there is while trying to secure even more student space, Gonzalo Nieto is more than qualified for the position he now seeks, and I have no qualms about endorsing him as a candidate who will do his best to protect the rights of students.

Vincent Gabriel Hubert


In light of the recent Board of Governors debate I was happy to learn that AJ West is running to represent students on BoG next year. I have known AJ for the past several years, working with him in classes and with the Cinema Students Association. In my experience AJ has always been a positive leader and team player. He is a critical thinker and a vocal participant. Above all he is of great integrity and I know he will serve our student body well. I am cheering for Your Concordia.

Lindsey McBride


Hasan Cheikhzen is one of the kindest; most devoted and determined people that I have ever met. I have known Hasan for a year now and can say with great confidence that he is a very hard-working person. He is always engaging and involved in several activities, everything from sports to  joining the Syrian Association at Concordia University.

Being an ex-member of the Syrian Association myself, it is actually there where I met Hasan. And it is through my experiences there that I can confirm that he clearly has a social commitment to his fellow colleagues. He was always the first one to offer his help whenever we encountered a problem in the association and posseses excellent communication skills. Hasan more than fulfills the characteristics that an ideal CSU executive should possess. In complement to this point, having previously lived in Jeddah, he is also educated in a cross-cultural milieu, which only serves to underscore this.

Hasan strikes me as a person who is deeply reliable, who has a deep sense of self and of his own character. He is a person I trust completely. I believe that he will be a tremendous asset to our CSU and I recommend him to you in full confidence.

Tara Al-Dakkak


If councillors are elected to voice our opinion as JMSBers to the entire student body, then the only candidate you should think of voting for is Lorne Segall.
Lorne is the quintessential JMSB student. When we are talking about JMSB, we like to pride ourselves on professionalism, partying hard, getting involved in extra-curricular activities and our diversified interests in relevant issues. Lorne fits the bill for all four.

Lorne has been responsible for caring and advocating for over 500 students over the past two years as a Resident Assistant for Concordia Residences. Ask any one of those 500 people and I can personally guarantee they have nothing bad to say about the guy. They even call him “Big Papa” around the building, because of his caring and considerate personality!

Having spent a lot of time with Lorne in his JMSM office, I saw how dedicated him and his team were in putting together the 15th Annual JMSB Sports Business conference, regarded as the best conference of its kind in Canada. Even with no similar past experiences, Lorne and his team were able to organize the best conference in the history of JMSM. As you can see, Lorne isn’t afraid to jump into new things, so no one should have second thoughts about his lack of prior political experience.

Lorne has a certain type of personality that is magnetizing and commands a room, and it has nothing to do with his linebacker-sized body. He is a genuinely nice person who is always smiling and always trying to do the best for people, even if it means taking one for the team. No doubt in my mind that he is the right man for job.

Come April, having Lorne represent JMSB would be an honour because I know he’s in this race for the right reasons. When he comes around to speak to you next week, don’t shoo him away, listen to what he has to offer you. It will only take you a couple of seconds to realize that Lorne is the guy you want to represent you at the next level.

Search him up on facebook and join his fanpage, “Vote Lorne Segall for JMSB Councillor” where he’s trying to get a feel for what JMSB wants in the near future. (He’s also got some great posters up too!)
Go Lorne! All the best!

Joshua Rubin


I have worked with Khalil Haddad on several projects that CUPA put together for the students we represent. I am privileged to work with him and can vouch for his impeccable management skills. He has a remarkable in-depth understanding and appreciation for the constitutional rules that all executives are required to know. He is fiercely dedicated and hard-working, doing his best every day to represent and serve the psychology students, as well as contributing significantly to the other university-related responsibilities he is involved with.

With us, his CUPA team, he understands the concept of democracy and hearing others out

when it is called for, and taking action and making executive decisions when deliberating is no longer useful. He can stay strong when others become overwhelmed with pressure and stay focused when others are distracted. But perhaps his best attribute is his ability to, no matter how busy he is, almost magically create a time slot where he will sit down with you and discuss.

There are many virtues that make a good leader, but there are very few leaders that possess many virtues. With the talent and experience he is sure to provide, Khalil Haddad is one of these leaders. I am very confident that the Concordia Student Union would be amazing under his leadership and would highly recommend all students to vote for team Action on March 29,30 and 31.

Stefan Faina
VP external, Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association


Khalil has over and again shown that he is capable of the vision and commitment so highly sought in a leader and representative. His commitment is tempered with the compassion and empathy that, to me, distinguishes the inspired leaders from the merely competent. All this coupled with bedrock skills like juggling schedules, marshaling forces, and giving support and encouragement. I’ve seldom met someone who I have been so comfortable and assured in working with.

When I heard about the nominations for our association’s VP academic position, I was certain I could handle the job, but it was Khalil that had me convinced that I should run. Along with his professional approach, Khalil is extremely passionate, which to me is invaluable in such endeavours. This was evident to me from the start. From his eagerness in putting together an association team that he felt could truly make a difference to students; to his elation at seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of students and peers at a successful event or even a meeting. I encourage you all to support team Action on March 29, 30 and 31!

Geoff O’Brien
BA Honours Psychology
VP academic, Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association 2010-2011


I met Tanya Ng a year ago, and I would have to say that she has become one of my closest friends. Ever since I got into the John Molson International Exchange committee as VP events, Tanya was and always is there by my side no matter what. When I got very sick before one of our biggest events (JIC goes to NYC 2010), she was the only one that told me that she would take over so that I can rest and get better. Even though her position this year on JIC was VP internal she really outdid herself and helped in every aspect of the team; events, marketing, academics, recruitment, etc.

On a more personal level, I have grown to trust Tanya in a matter of months and personally believe that she is one of the most honest and caring people I know. She is the kind of person that would stay up all night with a friend just to make sure they are alright and I am so grateful for Concordia University for bringing those friendships to life.

Therefore, as a friend and a co-“JICer,” I see Tanya being one of the most trustworthy, hardworking and honest person I know for this position. I believe that if she becomes VP finance for the CSU, with team Action; she will not back out of her job and make sure it is done properly while helping the whole team at the same time. She wants to make sure that the money spent by CSU is money well spent and that this challenge will only make her stronger and an even better person than she is today. I am so proud of what she has accomplished thus far and I will support her and team Action throughout their campaign.

Zuzanna Chudzinski


On behalf of Liberal Concordia, I want to claim our support for Georges Alexandar and team Action for the upcoming Concordia Student Union elections. Georges has been involved in numerous student associations, including ours, and he has always helped us out whenever needed. I believe that he has all the qualities needed in order to fulfill the demands of the position he is running for.

Georges has a lot of experience in Concordia’s student life and he is somebody that always gives 100 per cent in everything he does. People who know Georges say that he’s an amazing listener that he takes the time to study any situation well.

We, as Concordia University’s Liberal Association, are supporting Georges Alexandar and Team Action for the upcoming CSU elections on March 29, 30 and 30. We deeply wish that the students get involved and make an informed decision when comes election day.

Catherine L’Italien


I first met Natasha Launi during the summer before our year together on the communication studies guild’s executive team. Right from the beginning Natasha was eager, energized, and ready for whatever challenges faced the year ahead. Regardless of having little experience prior to her time at the guild, Nat went about her work with little fear and an open attitude.

In her position as VP social, Nat helped coordinate many events that not only helped strengthen relationships between students within the communication studies department, but also helped in creating a real sense of community and belonging.

Nat’s easy-going, incredibly funny, and open personality made serving on the guild with her far from hard work. After working alongside Nat and observing her work as Co-President of the Coms Guild and as VP communications in ASFA, I cannot adequately express how much confidence I have in Nat Launi’s work ethic and commitment to all students of Concordia. Nat is extremely dedicated and sincere, there is no other candidate that can top her passion and devotion to student life. She is the ideal VP of student life and Loyola.

Terry Cho
Co-President of the Coms Guild


With full confidence I support Leslie Reifer in his bid as a potential candidate for a position as a Concordia Student Union executive for the coming 2011 – 2012 term.

As a good friend and fellow peer hailing from the small countries of the Caribbean, Leslie has proven himself to be a hard worker and dedicated member of the CSU. He has regularly volunteered at events, attended CSU meetings and town halls, and has devoted attention to the social and political happenings around the Concordia community.

As a student representative myself, I have devoted much of my time to representing the Concordia undergraduate community, and with full confidence, I therefore believe that Reifer will serve his fellow undergraduates well through transparent and compassionate means.

Marvin Coleby
Action candidate, CSU council


It is with great pleasure that I express my support for Leslie Reifer as a candidate in the upcoming CSU elections. Over the past two years, Leslie has demonstrated his outstanding leadership skills through his involvement in residence life, CSU orientation and most notably, the John Molson International Business Association. Leslie’s unmatchable passion and determination make him a true leader, but his ability to work with others is what will benefit the Concordia student body next year.

As VP clubs and promotions, Leslie’s charismatic and energetic demeanour will serve as an excellent asset in unifying the many clubs here at Concordia.
Leslie plans to work closely with club representatives and students at large to ensure club participation and involvement. This would be feasible as Leslie’s positive and friendly attitude make him extremely approachable to fellow students and easy to work with. As a Vice President of the Arts and Science Federation of Associations, I am confident that Leslie will go above and beyond any expectations. I strongly believe that he has the student’s best interest at heart and that he will do anything in his power to ensure the student’s needs are met. Join me in support of a team who will work hard to ensure the growth and success of Concordia as a whole.

Allie McDonald
VP social of ASFA


It is sometimes difficult for a student to make an informed decision about a candidate without first getting to know them personally. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to give students my opinion about Khalil Haddad, who is running for president of the Concordia Student Union with team Action.

I have had the occasion to work closely under his leadership over the last year as we both fulfilled our executive positions on the Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association. As president of CUPA, Khalil clearly demonstrates the skills of a great leader. He is organized, diligent, and thorough. Most importantly, he is passionate about Concordia University and its students. He continually strives to follow through on his commitments to the students and places high value on the feedback and suggestions of others. His mantra to empower students inspires them to become agents of change.

I sincerely believe that if Khalil Haddad were to be elected as president of the CSU, he would fulfill the role with utmost determination and integrity. Make sure you vote for team Action on March 29, 30 and 31!

Jessica Starck
Honours psychology student
VP communications, Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association 2010-2011


Leslie Reifer, is a very dedicated and reliable person. I had the pleasure of working with him in the John Molson International Business Association for the past year. As the association’s VP events, he has accomplished tasks only a credible and trustworthy VP could complete.

The success of our events would not have been possible without Leslie’s perseverance and loyal and charismatic personality. I have full faith in Leslie’s ability as an executive for the CSU. For these reasons, I endorse Leslie Reifer as VP clubs and promotions and the entire Action team! Vote Action this semester!

Anik Laframboise
John Molson International Business Association


I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Tanya Ng. As the Vice President of External Affairs of Concordia International Students Association and a current international student in JMSB I have grown to know Tanya and feel that she is a deserving candidate for CSU.

Tanya joined JIC at the start of the academic year and has demonstrated incredible initiative,
creative and organizational skills as well as strong dedication to the society and is an asset to
the executive team.

Tanya leads by example and many people here find her enthusiasm and dedication both
inspiring and motivating. As part of the executive management team, Tanya has worked hard
to build relationships with other International and Canadian students as well as with other

I believe Tanya exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to business managers and
business students. These qualities would be an asset to your association and help further CSU
in the future. I highly recommend Tanya Ng for VP Finance and hope that you will carefully
consider her application.

Evelyn McConnell
Vice President External Affairs
Concordia International Students Association


I endorse Teresa Seminara and Team Action. I met Teresa nearly a year ago and truly admire her dedication for helping others. She is a social activist as well as an advocate for the Concordia Student Union. Over the past two years, Teresa has been heavily involved in her school community and has demonstrated her leadership capabilities on numerous occasions.

Last summer she was chosen to represent Concordia at the University Scholars Leadership Symposium and was chosen out of 300 top students to be the master of ceremony. Upon her arrival to Montreal, she started the humanitarian affairs chapter. I am very glad to have met someone like Teresa and above all to have work under her leadership this year.

As the VP Academic and Loyola Affairs, for the Arts and Science Federation of Association she has spent countless nights in her office looking for ways to better represent students academic needs. Despite her active role on ASFA, Teresa is also a CSU councillor, senator and member of the Concordia Council of Student Life.

Teresa is constantly motivating others to succeed hence her optimism and altruist nature are traits to be valued. There are many great words one can use to describe a student leader like Teresa, but they would be an understatement. If there is one thing I have learned from her it is that she ensures that her words are led by actions.

Concordians, do not forget to support Teresa in the upcoming elections and vote Action on March 29,30 and 31.

Marissa D’Onofrio
VP External of Humanitarian Affairs


Teresa Seminara and along with her team, Action, couldn’t be better candidates to represent our student body in the academic year coming. I’ve known Teresa for many years and have seen her use all her skills and knowledge at its fullest capacity in everything that she does. She is always ready for new challenges and jumps into opportunities to learn, and gain experiences. These are some qualities, to say the least, she is dedicated to fight for ones human rights and is determined to do whatever it takes to make the world a better place. Concordia students, these are the type of people you want not only to represent you and your university, but to accommodate and keep on making our student life a better place to learn and grow. Make your voices heard and VOTE ACTION!!! They are offering us only the best!

Francesca Vardaro

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