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Models decked in recycled and eco-friendly clothing to strut stuff for charity

by The Concordian March 8, 2011
Models decked in recycled and eco-friendly clothing to strut stuff for charity

Models auditioned last semester in hopes of being part of the fashion show and competition. Photo by Tiffany Blaise.

Model hopefuls and the CASA Cares team are busy preparing for Friday night, when the Recollection Charity Fashion Show will finally take place and the winner of Concordia’s Next Top Model will be announced.

CASA Cares, the non-profit portion of the Commerce and Administration Student Association, held auditions back in November looking for models to fill the runway of their annual charity fashion show that donates proceeds to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

“Our mission is to promote social awareness and responsibility throughout the university,” said Adelina Kirilova, president of CASA Cares. The biggest challenge of fundraising is getting people involved, but also, getting them to be excited about helping others.

With “Think Fashion Differently” as its slogan, the fashion show, is all about the art of sustainable fashion and celebrating Canadian culture. The organizers want to showcase eco-friendly and recycled clothing, as well celebrate the city of Montreal and other Canadian cities by featuring local designers and music artists. Some of the designers participating include Dita et Bella, Creations Encore, Design Will Be, and Birds of North America. The soundtrack will include tracks from Canuck artists Coeur de Pirate, Beast, Arianne Moffat, MSTRKRFT, Arcade Fire and Misstress Barbara.

The goal for this year is to donate between $13,000 and $15,000 with organizers expecting a crowd of over 300, as part of the show’s biggest appeal lies in its ever changing themes.

Though primarily a fundraising event, Recollection is also the conclusion of Concordia’s Next Top Model, a competition inspired by the Canadian version of television show America’s Next Top Model.

By January, a panel narrowed down the contestants to 30 students, but the final decision is open to the public. You can vote online once a day for the guy or girl student you think has what it takes to be a real model. The models with the most votes will be announced at the end of Friday’s show.

Last year’s winner, 21-year-old marketing student Barbara Dunkelman, really enjoyed the experience and the friends she met through the fashion show.

“You are involved every weekend with the same group of people – you are all going through the same experience together,” said Dunkelman. “Everyone is kind of nervous, kind of unsure about what’s gonna to happen.”

Marketing student Nancy Peng was a first-time hopeful when she went to try out. The 19-year-old loved the idea of supporting a charity. “CASA Cares always does fundraisers for good causes, so I think it’s important to get involved and show your support,” said Peng. “Being able to bring our student body out and make them attract others is also great.”

Showing support for both the school and local charities is an important focus of the work CASA Cares does. Over the years, they have been able to donate over $60,000 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The team of 12 has also organized bake sales, soccer tournaments and BBQs as well as comedy nights donating to other local charities including Dans La Rue, The Old Mission Brewery, and Dr. Clown Foundation, to name a few.

“I think it’s important to get to know more people, see what’s happening around,” said Kirilova. “Especially CASA Cares, because we help so many different charities.”

To vote for Concordia’s Next Top Model, visit styledluxe.com/voting

The Recollection Charity Fashion Show is taking place on March 11, 2010 at 9 p.m. at Time Supper Club located at 997 St. Jacques. Tickets are $25 and include entrance to the after party. To purchase tickets head to the CSU office in room H-711 or email CASA Cares’ VP Promotions, Angelle Estevez at angelle@casacares.com

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