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Re: CSU council meeting

by (letters to the editor) March 22, 2011

With respect to the CSU council on March 9, I feel compelled to voice my concerns. The fashion in which several individuals chose to express their views fell short of being constructive. Crude language and loud voices are not a way in which students should be encouraged to voice their opinions. A chaotic atmosphere hurts us all in the end and everyone seems to be losing sight of what truly matters. As student representatives, we all have an obligation to Concordia University to uphold its name and not make a mockery of our institution.

Undermining the process of CSU council meetings by refusing to leave after majority vote for closed session is both intolerable and disrespectful. For progress to be made, we must all take a moment to compose ourselves and speak rationally with one another. Clearly the course we are on is not conducive towards bettering our institution, and as educated individuals we should be able to articulate our thoughts in a manner which is not hurtful to any individual(s).

Nancy Salama
Council candidate for Action slate

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