Starting your alternative rock collection

I realize that in creating this list I am asking, even begging, for an angry stream of emails telling me which albums I missed. So before you log into to your email, let me explain.

To begin, I realize that 10 albums is a ridiculously small number in which to give adequate representation to all alternative music. Secondly, personal preference can sometimes cloud one’s judgment. If it was truly up to me, I’m sure Motley Crüe’s Shout at the Devil would be somewhere on this list. But deep down, I know that even though I personally love Shout at the Devil, most people don’t.

What I’m trying to achieve is the beginnings of a well-rounded alternative rock collection. Key word: beginnings. From this list, I believe that it is possible to hone in on one’s musical tastes, as well as have a solid base to expand upon. So I decided that the only way to do this would be to start with some reasonable guidelines that would help me to decide. I asked myself: What kind of long-term impact did this album have? And also, what facet of alternative rock does this album cover?

Still, many of you will continue to disagree – and that’s fine. Music is truly about personal taste, and is determined by age, experience and emotional attachment. But for those looking to broaden their musical knowledge or – as is the point of this article – start a proper record collection, the following list will hopefully set you on the right track. So, take a deep breath everyone – let’s get to it.

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Check out this week’s Mixtape to hear tunes from these essential alternative rock albums:



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