Action takes all six JMSB council seats

Having won all six JMSB council seats and the JMSB senate seat, Action had the business students’ vote firmly in their grasp, though these elected representatives will now have to navigate their way through a council mostly populated by Your Concordia candidates.

Stephanie Laurin is one of the six Action candidates elected to council on behalf of the business undergraduates. She attributed Action’s popularity with business students to their efforts to reach them. “To be honest, I think the main reason was that Action had a really strong presence within the MB building,” she said. “I think they focused a lot of their efforts here which made [for] great exposure for their six JMSB councillors.”

President-elect Lex Gill said because of Action’s strong presence in the MB and alleged violations, Your Concordia is unsure of the levels of support they have among the business students. “Because of those tactics, we’re not totally sure how much support we legitimately did have in the JMSB,” she said.

As a result, Gill said they are looking to strengthen their ties with the JMSB portion of their constituency. “We want to do a lot of outreach to business students to make sure we’re on the same page no matter what,” she said. “They’re students and we have to represent them and we have to make sure that we’re reflecting their values too.”

Moreover, Gill feels it is important that the JMSB councillors don’t feel isolated.“It’s really important that those business students who are elected do feel part of council, that they feel part of the group and they receive the same training and attention as everyone else,” she said. Gill is also planning on meeting with CASA-JMSB executives.

As for Laurin, her goal is to give JMSB as much exposure and awareness as she can. However, she’s also looking forward to meeting with Your Concordia and taking a look at their goals and vision. Regardless of which slate councillors ran on, Laurin said, they’re ultimately there “to do good for the students.”

Laurin had been previously involved with the undergraduate competition program, with CASA subsidiaries as well as with the CASA-JMSB electoral process in the capacity of chief returning officer. “I think it helps that I have put myself out there on a pretty big level in terms of my name and my involvement, not to mention whenever we have a competition win that I’ve been part of, my face and name have been in the lobby,” she laughed.

She also said, “I feel like this year is going to be a great year to get JMSB more exposure and more involved under the Concordia umbrella.”


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