CEO disqualifies both CSU slates

In letters sent out to both the Action and Your Concordia slates late Tuesday night, CSU chief electoral officer Oliver Cohen informed them that they had both been disqualified, despite Your Concordia having been elected to office in this year’s CSU election.

In both letters, which were obtained by the Concordian, Cohen states that the slates violated a plethora of electoral rules, including filing inadequate or even false expense reports, as well as not following the rules in terms of campaigning and postering. However, the letters remain vague as to how the slates violated the regulations. Cohen was not immediately available for comment Tuesday night.

But while both slates were prohibited by the CEO from receiving any kind of reimbursement for their electoral expenses, he added a further penalty for Your Concordia, which was set to take office June 1: the slate is prohibited from running or holding office for the next two years.

Cohen writes that the conduct of Action and Your Concordia during the electoral process ”fell far below the standards demanded by the Regulations and the relevant directives and failed in spirit to adhere to our minimum basic notions of fair play and due process.”

More to come.



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