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Design students draw new picture for Hive cafe

by Sarah Deshaies April 27, 2011
Design students draw new picture for Hive cafe

Design students with a hand in refurbishing the Hive Cafe had their work unveiled at a vernissage April 20. It’s the latest step in the long-vaunted transformation of the student space above the cafeteria at the Loyola campus.
The students in the design course DART 392 were given the task of redesigning and rethinking the space. Each team was assigned a particular part of the larger project, said CSU VP Loyola Hassan Abdullahi. Some worked on the sign – a wood cutout that welcomes visitors inside and outside – others worked on the sustainable mason jars which students will use for drinking. One group tackled the mission statement, which is now emblazoned in red on a white background at the entrance.
The Hive has been challenging Loyola’s reputation for having lacklustre student presence with its long rebirth. Earlier this year, the Loyola Luncheon, a free, daily vegetarian meal, was relaunched, and the successful string of cultural night parties has brought students out on Wednesday nights.
Speaking after the launch, Abdullahi said the project worked out better than expected. He added that students will also be able to help plan an ever-changing menu by making suggestions for food items.
The Hive will have an official launch in the fall. For more details, see the Hive website.

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