Dressing for fall

Baby, it’s cold outside, so let’s shop!
When fall comes around, colourful wardrobes are traded in for more neutral palettes: browns, blacks, greys, and burgundies. But
this autumn, keep all of those bright yellow and oranges close by because you’ll need them to complete your look this season.
For starters, be bold and invest in a bright pair of pants. Depending on your body type, they can be cropped, flared, boot cut, you name it, as long as they pop! Try rocking pink pants, pairing them with a low-key top like cream or beige. As for footwear, nude or tan heels should do the trick. The key to working a colourful piece is making sure the rest of your outfit is neutral.
However, if you really want to pack a punch this season, mismatch your neon colours. Scrap the nude hues and pair an orange top with those pink slacks.
For all you online shoppers, Asos.com offers bright, skinny pants that can be paired easily with ballet flats. H&M and ZARA have a few cool finds, as well.
If you prefer a classic look this season and are looking for a timeless piece, invest in a blazer. This one item can provide you with endless possibilities when creating an outfit for any occasion. When working with a short blazer, wear it with a longer top, like a tunic, over jeans, leggings, or even a long skirt.
Layering is the new black; cropped over long, long over cropped, and so on. Longer blazers give your outfit a crisp look but can be worn in a casual way with fitted jeans and flats.
When the weather begins to cool down, a fashionista’s favourite item comes out to play: nylons and tights. Colourful nylons in dark shades of blue, black, grey, burgundy, and brown, and even pink and red, are a hit this year. A pair can easily bring together your outfit. Nylons with a cute pair of shorts, a casual top and some leather boots are an effortless combo.
This fall season, buy yourself a pair of leather leggings, matching them with a long sweater and some ankle booties. With this outfit, you’ll be ready to hit the streets.
For men, the ‘90s are back with unique patterns, awkward haircuts, and tons of denim. If you are not ready to turn back time, buy yourself a signature piece this season that you can wear with anything. This means you can choose between a pair of combat boots, sunglasses, a scarf, jeans, or a cardigan which can be worn over every tee you own.
So, don’t let the cold bring you down. There is so much to choose from this season and you’re bound to find something you love.


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