Exploring Montreal: Laurier Avenue

With school right around the corner, it’s time to make the most of what’s left of summer. For a day that embodies the spirit Montreal is so famous for, hitting up Laurier Avenue is a must. This chic and trendy street divides the Plateau and the Mile End, offering a variety of boutiques, restaurants, shops and bars that are both unique and traditional. Though Laurier can be quite upscale, there are locations that are modern and affordable while remaining true to the street’s exclusivity and elegance. Here are a few places worth checking out.

La Boîte Gourmande

Located just outside Laurier metro, this bistro is perfect for study dates, a quick bite to eat or to catch up with friends. It offers a balance between trendy and bohemian with its art, soft music and overall relaxed atmosphere. The inside blends artistic and industrial, making it refined yet casual. Outside, there is a terrace surrounded by trees and plants making it an ideal breakfast spot.
The staff is friendly and informed. Above all, their remarkable service and delicious culinary creations show that they truly love their jobs. When it comes to the menu, simplicity is key and even the pickiest eater can find something they like. In terms of price, breakfast goes for under $10 while the lunch menu is no more than $15 and includes sandwiches, soups, quiches and more. A variety of coffee and lattes are offered, and though not always inexpensive, they are definitely worth the splurge.

445 Laurier Ave. E.

Dieu du Ciel!
For beer enthusiasts, this bar definitely challenges the palette. Dieu du Ciel! is primarily known for a variety of stunning choice of unique ales and lagers they brew themselves. From cherry beer to more seasonal selections, there is a beer for every taste (and budget). If you are having trouble choosing a beer, the staff is kind and will help you select one that is just right for you, maybe even providing a free sample.
Settled in a cozy location, Dieu du Ciel! is a gem, and even has a terrace for those who prefer the outdoors. This year, Dieu du Ciel! will be celebrating their 13th anniversary, making this bar one for the books and definitely worth a night out.

29 Laurier Ave. W.

Sir Wilfrid-Laurier Park

With summer coming to an end, visiting the spacious and gorgeous Sir Wilfrid-Laurier Park is a great way to escape the city without venturing too far. This green space is ideal for picnics, walks and has a variety of community activities that take place year-round. There is a pool, a community centre, fields for soccer, baseball and softball, as well as a number of bike paths that run along and through the park.

The entrance to the park is located on Laurier Avenue and Christophe-Colomb Avenue.


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