Mac ’n’ cheese, bourbon and jazz

Nestled between antique shops on Notre-Dame Street, the charming Griffintown Café lies behind an ordinary, non-descript front. This vintage-style café is hiding a rustic little terrace out back that will make you want to eat your meal a little slower just to stick around. Live jazz and blues play during dinner from Thursday to Saturday, and the menu has a touch of southern inspiration.
Breakfast is Mexican egg dishes meeting classic Canadian breakfast. The breakfast mac‘n’cheese dish comes with bacon and poached eggs, and a bacon-free version is served throughout the day. I know what you’re thinking — why didn’t I think of that?
Dinner has some solid options, including an organic salmon tartare, gourmet burgers and lobster salad. The menu is short, but there’s a main dish to please almost everyone — except vegetarians.
The cocktail menu is constantly changing but always makes use of their extensive bourbon collection. Try the Wild Turkey lemon cocktail; sounds like Thanksgiving dinner, but tastes like spring break. Vegetarians can enjoy this one — Wild Turkey is a brand of bourbon.
Don’t expect a loud and crazy atmosphere; this little café is a go-to spot for a laid-back, intimate experience at any hour.
Think twice if you’re going out with a large group. The atmosphere and seating arrangement of the restaurant works best with groups of four or less. Nobody wants to be yelling across the table during live music.
Bonus: amazing coffee from their espresso machine.

Price: $15-$30

Griffintown Café, 1378 Rue Notre-Dame St. W.  514-931-5299 ‎


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