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Comic Con: Days of the nerds

by The Concordian September 20, 2011

Montreal. September 17 and 18. Place Bonaventure. Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and multiple Wonder Women are all under one roof, perusing row upon row of comic books, movie memorabilia, T-shirts and anime body pillows.
With all those superheroes at Montreal’s sixth Comic Con, who was keeping our streets safe? If comics have taught us anything, it’s that most crimes happen at night. Phew.
Comic Con’s guest of honour was comic book godfather Stan Lee, co-creator of the Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Avengers series, among many others. Patient fans lined up, some for hours, to catch a peek of a Batmobile replica (above), as well as a DeLorean replica from the Back to the Future films and Star Wars’ Landspeeder.
Everyone from Chewbacca to Darth Vader from George Lucas’ films were also at Comic Con. Dedicated costumed fans stayed in character for much of the day. Outside, people on the sidewalk used chalk to sketch cartoon faces of anime characters.
Photos and text by Chris Hanna

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