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Guys, time to embrace bold colours

by The Concordian September 27, 2011

There was once a time when men and women alike prided themselves on their attire. Today, one sees the masses schlepping themselves around in non-ironed clothing and mismatched socks. Men have surely been at the helm of this more than women, perhaps due to the fact that there are infinitely more retailers geared towards females than males. One young Montreal blogger thinks this could change.
Meet Spencer Edwards, Montreal-based creator of the Proprpostur blog, “[who] encourages its fellow gentlemen to experiment with different aspect of style.” Spencer is continually mastering different ways of style and not fashion, making this distinction by steering clear of trends but rather timeless style that can be constantly evolved. Rather than continue on in your sweatsuit this fall, here Spencer doles out advice on how to look like a new era version of yourself.

The New 2.0 You
Firstly, there are five essentials you need to start with to create a substantial wardrobe. You will need “a great pair of well slim fitting jeans, a classic oxford button up, leather belt, leather wing tipped shoes or loafers, and clean socks.” Using this as a basis, Spencer finds that accessories and prints can liven up the basic wardrobe and take it to another level. He suggests paisley print ties and matching pocket squares, duly noting that “not enough men pay much attention to fine details in an outfit [anymore].” Top picks for fall are wool or tweed trousers and blazers, continuing on with the poppy colours of summer 2011, especially colour of the season, orange, which can be worn by women and men just the same.
While most men might shy away from anything beyond neutral territory, he advises that men should “use colour in small doses/details, such as pocket squares, laces, stitching, buttons, etc.” and from there incorporate it on a grander scale. The selection of prints is vast, ranging from Navaho for a more Western look to tribal for bohemians and florals and plaids for anyone else. Try and experiment with the entire range.
Execution is key with style, regardless of the brands or price point. Spencer argues the cost of producing garments and the price they are later sold to the consumer is important to think about. This is something most of us might forget, but as a fashion marketing student Spencer knows all too well, therefore it is important to remember “to spend carefully…unless if it’s shoes, but then again the quality and fit should be perfect.”
He insists that shoes really do make or break an outfit and that a well tailored suit would be ruined with “a busted pair of shoes.” Look at getting dressed up as parts of a whole, with each part playing an important role for the entirety. In the end, “following trends doesn’t make you well dressed or stylish, do what you feel. Don’t force it, if you do it’ll be a complete utter disaster.”

For more fashion, check out Spencer’s blog at www.proprpostur.com.

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