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Meet the real “travelling band”

by The Concordian September 27, 2011
Dark Dark Dark, a chamber-folk sextet, hails from Minneapolis, New York and New Orleans, and their sound is as varied as their geography; it’s a collaboration of vocals, piano, clarinet, trumpet, bass and drums, with the occasional cello, banjo and accordion.
Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount gave birth to the band after meeting in their hometown of Minneapolis, Minn. Searching for new talent to enrich their sound, the duo hit the road, picking up musicians along the way in their black Volkswagen van. They’re what Creedence Clearwater Revival might call a real “travellin’ band.”
“It’s great to have so many different ideas come from different places,” said Invie. “Being able to listen to each other, work with each other and have our music come together. It’s really beautiful.”
The eccentric sextet recently performed at Quai des Brumes, a venue so jam-packed that the band could barely fit on stage. Like musicians true to their art, they managed to play effortlessly and passionately.
Front and centre, Invie commanded the room with her penetrating and mesmerizing voice. Her tall, broad frame was hunched over the piano. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a tight braid and her granny glasses covered most of her face. Though she generally considers herself an introvert, she becomes a new person on stage.
For a woman of few words, her lyrics are loaded with vivid imagery, emotion and simple yet surprising honesty. Her songs express feelings of vulnerability and isolation, yet her sprawling piano pieces and the soothing chamber orchestration create an oddly comforting dissonance.
Their most recent album Wild Go is a blend of European folk music and melancholy jazz, but the band predicts some changes for their third album, which they’ll begin working on following their tour.
“I want some cooler horn stuff on the next record,” explained Invie. “The trumpet and clarinet duo has been really great and I just want them to shine on the next album.”

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