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Fucking Mozart, how does he work?

In the latest of a long line of strange musical projects, Jack White has teamed up with face painted rappers Insane Clown Posse to rerecord something truly old school – Mozart’s “Leck mich im Arsch.” The song, produced by White, uses a Mozart melody dating back to 1782 and whose name roughly translates to “Lick me in the arse.” In a video promoting the new single, which will be released digitally and as a 7” on Sept. 13 through White’s Third Man Records, the collaboration is purported to be “230 years in the making.” In an interview with Billboard, ICP member Violent J confessed “the most respected musician in the world and one of the most hated musicians in the world […] we didn’t expect that call, brother.” Truly, this is the collaboration we’ve all been waiting for.

Were we still talking about this?

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has declared radio listeners countrywide can be exposed to the word “faggot” in the context of Dire Strait’s “Money for Nothing” as it does not violate any broadcast code. Last January, the CSBC had ruled that the song did violate their code of ethics, after a single complaint from a listener in Newfoundland and Labrador gave cause for concern. Now, it seems, they have had a change of heart, stating it was up to broadcasters “to make the airplay choice appropriate to their market.” The council surmised that “[Alternative versions] are available for broadcast and, to the extent that broadcasters wish to respect that sensitivity of members of their audience, they have the option to make that airplay choice without any editing of the song on their part.” “Money for Nothing” came out over a quarter of a century ago, in 1985.

Nothing compares 2 [Your name here]

Eighties songstress Sinead O’Connor has eschewed eHarmony and in favor of a more unorthodox approach to finding a soul mate. Last week, an article by O’Connor published in the Irish Independent revealed that she was actively searching for a partner as her “situation sexually/affectionately speaking is so dire that inanimate objects are starting to look good, as are inappropriate and/or unavailable men and/or inappropriate and/or unavailable fruits and vegetables.” In a followup post on her website, she added that “Any man wishing to make a case for himself must be between 38 and 55 […] unattached, and aware that he WILL be dumped at the drop of a hat if either Ryan [Tubridy], Adam Clayton, or Robert Downey Juniour (sic) stake a claim.”

Here’s hoping it’s nothing like the Flight of Icarus

Iron Maiden’s lead singer and all-around renaissance man Bruce Dickinson will be piloting one of the first flights out of New York after Hurricane Irene, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. The rocker will fly 200 passengers from Newark to Reykjavik on the Boeing 757 he and his band mates used for their recent The Final Frontier tour. The plane, leased to the band by charter airline Astreus, comes complete with decals of the bands’ logo and mascot splayed across its sides. This is the third time Dickinson has helped fly stranded passengers home; in 2006 he flew close to 200 UK citizens out of Lebanon during the country’s conflict with Israel and in 2008 he flew 180 tourists out of Egypt after the collapse of XL Airways UK left them stranded.


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