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by The Concordian September 20, 2011
Tests reveal unacceptable lead levels in UNB water pipes

Water pipes that service the University of New Brunswick have lead content that exceed health guidelines, the Brunswickan reported. The university’s facilities management department, concerned with the aging water system and having received queries from concerned campus members, tested all the water fountains and kitchen sinks on campus on Sept. 13. Tests are ongoing. Three fountains have been replaced, while 20 new fountains with built-in filtration systems are being ordered. For now, fountains which tested higher than acceptable lead content are closed with “Out of Service” signs.

Bedbugs found in residence at two Ottawa universities

Bedbugs have infected the residence apartments at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, according to the CBC. One four-bedroom unit in residence at the University of Ottawa, which houses around 3,000 students, was affected. UofO spokesman Pierre Laroche said the university was inspecting the belongings of students moving from an infected unit into another residence. One UofO student said she wishes the university would provide more information about the bedbug problem. Carleton University said one double room had been infected.


Selling eye space

A British Columbia cancer patient hoping to raise money to pay his medical bills is selling ad space on his prosthetic eye, the Kamloops Daily News is reporting. Kamloops, B.C. resident Robert Lee lost his left eye to a tumour this past summer. In an effort to pay off the costs associated with treating his ocular cancer, he is selling the space on eBay. The winner will be allotted space for a logo of no more than 12 mm oval on the eye for 30 days. The starting bid is $5,000 US. As of Sunday, Lee had not received any bids. He also wants to raise awareness about ocular melanoma, a rare cancer that is potentially fatal.

The Rolling Stones would feel right at home

Urinals shaped like a pair of red lips generated complains in an Edmonton, Alta. restaurant, but the owner says they’re not going anywhere. The west end location of 02’s Taphouse and Grill has come under fire after installing the urinals, according to the Edmonton Sun. A woman named Lily Le sent co-owner Neal Seifeddine a letter in which she called the shape ‘‘demeaning,’’ then filed an official complaint with the city. Seifeddine said he got the idea from a pub in Jasper, and explained that most women see the lips as funny. Alberta women everywhere are probably peeing with laughter at this very moment.


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