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by Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo September 6, 2011
International student funding not a priority for Hudak
A Progressive Conservative Ontario government led by Tim Hudak would cut $30 million in international student funding if elected. Canadian University Press reported that the party plans to reallocate money from the Trillium Scholarship fund to middles-class Ontario families. The scholarship fund was set up by Dalton McGuinty’s government last year. It was originally developed to give 75 international PhD students $40,000 a year for four years to study in Ontario. Under Hudak, the fund would be closed in Sept. 2012, after its first year. A press release from the Progressive Conservative party stated that the funds would be directed towards middle-class families who have difficulty accessing loans from the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

No parking for you

Parking space, or lack thereof, was a dealbreaker in the career of a Dalhousie University professor. Dan Middlemiss quit his job on Monday because he was fed up with the hassle associated with finding parking on campus. According to the Toronto Star, the expert in Canadian defence policy and political science professor would arrive at 7 a.m. to secure parking for a 2 p.m. class. Dalhousie has 2,000 parking spaces on campus for 17,000 students and 3,000 employees. Last year, the Halifax university oversold parking passes by 65 per cent. This year, they aim to only oversell the passes by 30 per cent. Dalhousie VP Ken Burt said people can (and do) park near campus or take public transportation to get around the problem.

Return of Bigfoot

Wilderness and ecology guide Todd Standing says he has photographic proof of the existence of Bigfoot, The Globe and Mail reported Friday. Standing says he has a picture of a creature in the Banff area with a hairy face and human features. He estimates there could be three troops of Bigfoots in British Columbia and Alberta of 10 to 15 animals each. He added that scientists have DNA samples. He’s probably just trying to fulfill every Canadian’s repressed desire to be featured on Discovery Channel. Well played, Standing, well played.

… and an Iced Capp for the horse
Tim Hortons has apologized to a customer after he was refused service at the drive-thru because he was on horseback, according to CTV. On Aug. 27, Phil Corman rode through the drive-thru of the local coffee shop in Lethbridge, Alta. to order a large double-double, but the employee refused to serve him. The horse trainer said it was the first time he was refused service for being on horseback. The coffee chain then relented and apologized for the treatment.

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