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All of the lights

by The Concordian October 31, 2011
All of the lights
If you prowl through the cafés around campus, chances are you’ll spot at least one feverish-looking student furiously scribbling on a piece of paper. While they could arguably just be writing an intense grocery list, one shouldn’t rule out the possibility that they’re writing their next play or poem. With literary journal Headlight’s help, their words might just be able to be passed all over Concordia.
Founded out of the English graduate department, Headlight takes submissions of all kinds, from narratives and comics to photography and poetry.
This year, they’re gearing up to celebrate their fifteenth anniversary by only accepting submissions from Concordia students and alumni.
“Last year the anthology extended the call for a national scale, but this year we have honed it back to the Concordia community. We feel that the anthology owes it to the community to be committed to Concordia students and alumni. There is such a rich amount of talent here to draw from that it’s not necessary to extend the call beyond the school,” said Katherine Sehl, one of the Headlight editors-in-chief.
For this issue, the journal is accepting submissions about “discovery, loss, guilt, origins, beginnings and endings, missing pieces, wandering, uncovered truths, thefts, possession and mementos.”
That issue, Lost, Found, or Stolen, will have its launch in late March 2012. It will include a reading by Headlight founder Joshua Knelman.
“We want the book and the launch to be really special,” said Sehl. “We want the book to be a beautifully-crafted object and for the launch to be a special and memorable event.”
Headlight’s deadline for submissions is Nov. 7. Fiction should be maximum five pages double-spaced, and poetry is maximum three pages. Comics and graphic narratives can be up to five pages long, while photography and visual art submissions are limited to three JPEG images. You should also include a 50-100 word bio. Send your submissions to headlightanthology@gmail.com.

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