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ASFA candidates will have to fight for a seat at the table

by The Concordian October 4, 2011
All open positions for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations’ byelections will be contested next week, a sign that extending the nomination period until Sept. 29 worked in ASFA’s favour.
Those who are running for positions on the executive include Katie Brioux, Laura Robbins, and Alexis Suzuki, who applied for VP communications, while Boris Degas and Paul Jerajian are in the running for VP external affairs and sustainability. Two students, Sian Mill and Yasmeen Zahar, submitted their nominations for independent councillor.
ASFA also found a chief electoral officer in fourth-year political science student Marvin Cidamon. “I was contacted by ASFA to do the job when the person that was going to do it was found to be ineligible,” Cidamon explained in an email. He ran the Economics Student Society elections last year. “I am definitely ready to step up to the next level to run ASFA’s executive elections and referendum,” he wrote.
Cidamon’s predecessor Nicolas Cuillerier left the position at the end of the last school year, citing a busy academic schedule. Cuillerier now serves as chair of the Concordia Student Union council.
The VP communications position remained unfilled following last year’s general elections. The VP external and sustainability position became available recently after Asma Omar resigned before ASFA’s first council meeting.
ASFA president Alex Gordon had previously explained that they had extended the nomination period until Sept. 29 because they felt there was not enough time to inform students about applying for positions.
So far the campaign period is looking promising, according to Cidamon. “Everyone has hit the ground running, everyone’s doing great. I just checked everyone’s posters, they look amazing. They’re going to do their campaigning thing, go to classes, make sure they give their spiel, and hopefully not bash each other too much,” he half-joked.
Cidamon also pointed out the brevity of the campaign period. “Voting is actually a week away, [so that’s] a really short campaign period. I always feel like the campaign period should be a couple of days longer. If I could change something it would be that,” he said.
The byelections will take place Oct. 12 and 13. Check the Concordian for more ASFA election updates in the coming weeks.

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