ASFA steps it up in fight against tuition

The Arts and Science Federation of Associations has stepped up its involvement in its fight against tuition after passing a two-part motion at its Oct. 13 council meeting.

The motion, put forward by Charlie Brenchley, the community outreach coordinator for the School of Community and Public Affairs Student Association, stipulates that ASFA will support the tuition fee campaign the CSU is waging and will hold a special general assembly sometime in the week before the Nov. 10 mass student demonstration against tuition hikes. The assembly will inform and mobilize students about the event and how they can best participate in it.

CSU VP external Chad Walcott made a presentation prior to the motions where he discussed the student union’s campaign against tuition increases, including last September’s demonstration when over 1,000 red balloons were released in the Hall building. CSU president Lex Gill also attended the council meeting to speak on the subject.

“Personally, I think Chad is doing an amazing job with the tuition fight, and I didn’t put forth this motion, but I really support it,” said ASFA president Alex Gordon. “I think that it’s a great way to help mobilize arts and science students, and get them fully backing the CSU and the school as a whole […] when it comes to fighting tuition. So I’m all for it.”

While a date for the SGM has not yet been set, once the decision is made students will be able to find more details on ASFA’s website and on Facebook, as well as through student associations.

Member association budgets were not presented at the meeting because ASFA’s fee levy funds were only received the morning of the meeting. The budgets will be voted on at a special council meeting this Thursday.

The next regular ASFA council meeting takes place on Nov. 10.


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