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Come and get it! It’s a running buffet! All you can eat!

by The Concordian October 25, 2011
It may sound weird, but Montreal became alive with the undead on Oct. 22 as hundreds of people roamed the streets of the Plateau for Montreal’s annual zombie walk. Drivers and pedestrians alike were royally pissed off with the walkers, who emulated the way zombies move by dragging their feet, banging on shop windows and occasionally congregating in corners to “eat” one of their own.
There was many-a die-hard zombie fan present, who probably plan their entire year around this event. By the looks of some of the get-ups, it may very well be true. While on one block you would hear the frantic sound of wheels zooming behind you (courtesy of one zombie girl with a wheel chair and a blood IV to drink from), at the next you could see a tall, rail-thin zombie boy with white contacts and detachable skull skin being interviewed by a TV crew (he declined to comment further than a few “aaagghhhhs,” by the way).
The walkers made their way down the Plateau to Club Soda, which is apparently the zombie hang-out place of choice in Montreal, to watch Best of Zombies, a presentation of films put on by SPASM Festival. To cap things off, there was a costume contest to honour the goriest and most dedicated brain-gobblers. After all, who says you can’t look good when you’re (un)dead?


Zombie Zidebar

Shaun of the Dead is arguably a masterpiece (zombie rom-com, anyone?), but there’s just something about old zombie films that makes one more likely to reach for brain-protecting gear. So behold, our top picks of pre-21st century zombie films.

1.      White Zombie (1932)

The end of the silent film era obviously meant it was zombie time. Bonus: you can stream the entire film on YouTube.

2.      Night of the Living Dead (1968)

The first in Romero’s classic zombie series, this film paved the way for many unfortunate re-adaptations.

3.      The Woman Eater (1957)

If the Amazonian brain-eaters don’t creep you out enough, how about a mad British scientist to top things up?

4.      Mad Monster Party (1967)

This stop motion gem has plenty of other ghoulies, but Baron Frankenstein’s army of brain-eaters definitely steal the spotlight.

5.      Thriller (1983)

Before he was shaking things up at his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson was doing the moonwalk with some very ‘80s-standards fashionable zombie friends.


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