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by The Concordian October 25, 2011

Too old to trick-or-treat, yet too young to not do anything on Halloween? As young adults, we want to have fun and dress up in an outrageous costume once in a while, to be someone else for one night. What better time to do this than Halloween? Whether it be dressing like a skanky bunny rabbit from Mean Girls, dressing like Oprah and her best friend Gayle, or dressing like an Oompa Loompa, on Halloween night, they all live in harmony in the glorious candy-filled, badly-carved jack-o-lantern-lit night.
“What will I be this year?” That is the question. Many people do not want to be seen repeating the same thing they were last year, so why buy an expensive costume in the first place?
“It’s stupid to spend $100 on a costume, since you will probably only wear it at a club or a party once a year,” said Concordia economics student Lina Maki. Therefore, if you want something original and inexpensive, you must put it together yourself instead of buying the whole expensive costume kit.
“I suggest an angel of death look; you can just grab a halo and put on some black wings,” said Colleen Daley, a manager at L’Entrepôt de Halloween on Ste-Catherine St.
Daley also said that you can change up this look for a different costume for next year by going as the black swan by replacing the halo with a leotard and tights. This way, you do not have to spend money on a whole new costume or rack your brain trying to figure out another costume idea.
“The costumes that people have been buying the most recently are for girls, like red riding hood and guys just do their own thing. A lot buy capes, and superheroes are popular too,” said Daley.

Keep it simple
A simple tip to remember when keeping an eye on your budget for a Halloween costume is not to concentrate so much on the actual costume but rather on the small things. “It’s all about playing up the makeup and the accessories,” said Daley.
“Last year, I got a friend to paint my face as a skeleton. Also another year I just grabbed my mom’s tight black pants, dyed my hair black, wore converse shoes and put on some black bracelets and went as an emo. Some girls did my make-up too,” said James Brec, a Concordia anthropology student.
Concordia marketing student Stefani Fulginiti said that simple leopard accessories that she already possessed completed her simple yet fun costume last year. “I was a leopard. I wore little things like a headband with ears, and a lot of leopard accessories which you could get anywhere,” she said.

Here are some costume ideas that are hilarious and underrated. You can even play up the character by embodying the persona and acting like them all night. Without guaranteeing anything, you might get laughs and high-fives or eyebrow lifts.
Celebrity costumes: be kind of a big deal
Celebrities are not only fun to look at; they are a delight to mimic. This Halloween, why not go dressed as a celebrity that you hate or love, or love to hate?
Guys, look for a blue or black suit in your closet, and try to find a red tie. Grab some monopoly money and stuff them into your pockets. Mess up your hair so that it looks like it got stuck in a sink drain. Fill in your eyebrows to make them appear bushy and light brown with some of your friend’s brown eyeliner or buy some fake eyebrows at a Halloween store. Voila, you pulled a Donald Trump. Don’t forget to make sure that your facial expressions always appear as if you sucked on a lemon. Pucker up your lips when you speak, obnoxiously go around telling people “you’re fired” and occasionally explain why they should vote for you for president. Get mad at them if they disagree.
Another look you can achieve with a suit is an Elton John costume. However, for this look you cannot just simply use your favourite black suit—it has to be a colourful suit, with the largest intentional mix of pastel colours. Top this off with some blue or pink sunglasses. Sing “Candle in the Wind” to people when they ask you who you’re supposed to be.
To top off the Donald Trump and Elton John costumes, go to L’Entrepôt de Halloween and purchase a Bruno wig for $19.99. This blond wig does the trick for many costume ideas, even Justin Bieber.
Girls, a long black wig goes a long way, providing you with endless celebrity options. If you already have naturally long black hair, it’s even easier and less expensive. Add some fake eye lashes, orange skin paint, pile on the makeup, wear tight clothes and you can dress like the Kardashian sisters. Add some balloons or something “enhancing” to the chest of your shirt and in your pants to mimic Kim herself. If your friends are interested, tell them to dress the same. Be advised that you might get confused as being dressed as Snooki and Deena from Jersey Shore. Remember to speak in a nasal voice and flip your hair repeatedly.

Movie character costumes: act like you walked off a Spielberg set
Dress like Princess Leia from Star Wars in two simple steps. Part your hair down the middle, twist your hair into two buns the size of giant donuts on the sides of your head and buy a long-sleeved white dress.
Or, grab some of your closest friends and all of you can dress like Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Buy some green dye hairspray at a Halloween store. (This washes out with shampoo so don’t worry.) Next, find white pants and a brown long-sleeved shirt. The key ingredient in this Oompa creation is the make-up. Purchase some face paint at a Halloween store, paint your whole face orange and paint over your eyebrows in white paint. Get some duct tape and criss-cross them over your shoulders to make it appear that you are wearing overalls (this should make an X on your chest and back). Memorize the Oompa Loompa song with your friends and randomly break out into song at the same time while at a party (interrupting conversations). Whenever you walk down the street, make sure to march in single file and bounce up and down as you walk. Play hide-and-seek with each other.

Royalty costumes: pretend you are a blue blood heir to the throne
Bloody Mary (also known as Queen Mary I) was the famous queen who allowed the execution of hundreds of Protestant leaders in an attempt to turn England back to Roman Catholicism in the 1500s. Create this Bloody Mary costume by wearing a white nightgown and spill ketchup on it or red paint to make it look like blood and freak everyone out.
For a Queen Elizabeth II costume, you could don some fake shiny jewellery, buy a fake crown at a Halloween store and wear a loose white dress, grandma style. Buy some white dye hairspray at a Halloween store or buy an old lady grey wig.



-Giggles: This boutique offers a huge variety of traditional Halloween costumes for all shapes and sizes. This store even has a large variety of party supplies, so not only can you pick up your perfect Halloween costume, but at the same time, you can snag some pumpkin decorations, props, wigs, and pumpkin centrepieces.
3500 boul. de la Côte-Vertu, Saint-Laurent

-Entrepôt de Halloween: Entrepôt de Halloween has some great options, and the best part about this store is that it is so close to Concordia’s downtown campus. It is located in the Faubourg across from 3 Amigos restaurant on Ste-Catherine.
1616 Ste-Catherine St. W.

-Moulin Rose Boutique: This store has some funny adult costumes, ranging from hilarious Austin Powers costumes, Mario brothers costumes, and pirates galore. For the girls, Moulin Rose offers the ideal sexy costume for a college Halloween party if that’s the look you’re going for.
1119 Ste-Catherine St. E.

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