One thousand red balloons

One thousand helium-filled red balloons bumped and floated along the ceiling of the main floor of the Hall building after being released by students last Wednesday, in the first of many demonstrations of protest by the Concordia Student Union against the tuition fee hikes proposed by the Quebec government. Each balloon represented 30 students who will not be able to afford to go to university if tuition fees are increased. Student unions and advocacy groups across the province are gearing up for Nov. 10, when a massive anti-tuition hike demonstration is planned to hit the streets of Montreal. Photos by Navneet Pall.


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Winter of discontent for Quebec students

Over 100,000 post-secondary students in Quebec have a one-day strike mandate to protest tuition fee hikes on Nov. 10, while thousands more will vote on approving one in the next few days. It’s the latest action by a student movement whose protests have sometimes resulted in the occupation of government offices, and devolved into injuries- and tear gas-laced clashes with riot police.