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Thomas Mulcair announces leadership bid

by The Concordian October 18, 2011
Thomas Mulcair announces leadership bid


Thomas Mulcair announced his candidacy bid at a packed community centre in his riding of Outremont on Oct. 13. Mulcair will be running against five other hopefuls, including NDP president Brian Topp, who is the other top contender predicted to win the March 24 vote. Topp boasts endorsements from NDP heavy hitters such as former party leader Ed Broadbent, former Saskatchewan NDP Premier Roy Romanow, and deputy party leader Libby Davies, and is also being backed by the United Steelworkers, Canada’s largest private sector union. Mulcair has so far garnered endorsements from a greater number of NDP MPs, but they are mostly inexperienced. Mulcair will also need to recruit more people to the party as Quebec only has a few thousand registered members, despite holding 59 of the NDP’s 102 seats in the House of Commons.

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