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“The First 15” offering up $5,000

by The Concordian November 21, 2011
Inevitably, one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of up-and-coming musicians and ultimate fame is the cost of producing an album. An industry-quality studio recording can cost anywhere between $5,000 and several hundred thousand dollars, which most indie artists simply can’t afford.
Luckily for Canadians, The First 15 and Post Foods have teamed up to offer one deserving Canadian band the opportunity to have an EP produced for free in Toronto.
“[It’s] a real cool opportunity open to all Canadian artists, musicians and bands to seek funding and to get their music heard, gain exposure and engage with other great Canadian artists,” said Jay Manara of the Canadian pop-rock group Broken Sons.
Not only will the chosen musician get to record their album for free at the award-winning Girth Studios in Toronto, they’ll also get a paid trip to the city, “a solid marketing platform” to help launch the musician on their quest to fame, and $5,000 in cash.
The contest is taking place now on Facebook where contestants’ songs are up against one another for votes. Musicians can upload their tracks online until Dec. 9. Once the contest closes, the top 10 will be chosen based on popularity, creativity and originality. The final winner is chosen by a panel of industry specialists, including a music producer from Girth Music, a representative from one of Canada’s top record labels, a Post Foods Canada representative and ISH—a Canadian hip-hop singer/songwriter.
ISH had an unconventional path to fame. “[ISH] approached Post Foods with a track looking for funding [and] support instead of the traditional record label route,” said Manara. “Post Foods not only decided to support the artist and his record, but to create The First 15 music grant program and support new emerging artists.”
To submit a song or listen to a vote for an artist competing on The First 15 check out www.facebook.com/thefirst15.

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