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Brouhaha: for the refined beer drinker and them alone

by The Concordian November 15, 2011

Broue Pub Brouhaha is a rarity in this city. It’s the type of bar that doesn’t try to please everyone. It does one thing particularly well and concentrates on pleasing its core clientele.
First things first. Brouhaha is a beer connoisseur’s dream. The bar prides itself on having a wide array of artisanal beers. The Forêt-Noire black stout at 10.5 per cent is definitely worth a try, especially considering that it only takes a couple to put you in your happy place.
The bar also boasts an impressive lineup of imported beers, including some “almost impossible to find on this side of the pond” Trappist beers.
It has strong beers, light beers, spiced beers, dark beers and just about everything in between. Unfortunately, it seems as though Brouhaha is content with pleasing the “refined beer drinker” and forgot about everyone else.
Now look, I like a hibiscus flower flavoured beer as much as the next guy, but sometimes you kind of just want a Molson. You know, something that doesn’t cost $10 and doesn’t make you feel like you should enjoy the subtle notes of whatever it is the overly passionate bartender says you should be tasting.
Another point of contention is the bar’s vibe. For as much work as Brouhaha puts into their beers, it’s surprising that they would completely neglect the ambiance in their main room.
This is one of those bars that’s just too well-lit. The music isn’t nearly loud enough to drown out the ambient noise and the tables are practically on top of one another. The tiled flooring and floating ceilings make the place look cheap and the previously mentioned bright lighting doesn’t do anything to hide it. While the atmosphere is casual it sometimes gives you the impression that you’re in a cafeteria.
Interestingly, the private room at the back had a much better feel. Equipped with a stage, a private bar and space for about 100 people, the back room is perfect for hosting parties, shows or just waging karaoke battles with your friends.
Finally, I would be remiss not to mention the food. The menu itself looks good. They serve duck wings, thin crust pizza, nachos and sugar pie among other things. The problem is that the chef closed the kitchen so early that I didn’t have the chance to try anything.
Now I know what you’re thinking. Why do you need a chef to cut out a slice of pie? Well, the waiter explained to me that he was incapable of performing that task and only a trained chef is capable of properly placing the pie on the plate. The chef also seems to be the only person working there who is capable of filling a basket with nachos and covering them with salsa.
Normally you wouldn’t expect food in a bar after 11 p.m., but when you’re in a sitting room-only establishment that kind of feels like your kitchen, sipping on $10 Belgian beer, it’s only normal that you’d be overcome with the munchies. That is unless you’re overcome with those maple undercurrents that you’re supposed to be enjoying.

Brouhaha is located at 5860 de Lorimier Ave. Open seven days a week from 3 p.m to 3 a.m.

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