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Letter to the Editor

by (letters to the editor) November 15, 2011

Re: Harper has long-gun registry in the crosshairs, volume 29, issue 11

Dear editor,

If someone had bothered to read the coroner’s report of the three recent school shootings in Quebec, one would have realized that:
– All three individuals had known mental issues;
– All three individuals were able to scoot around the paperwork scheme and obtain a firearm acquisition license and legally buy a firearm;
– In all three shootings, the registration status of the firearm was a moot point.
If someone had bothered to understand the problems we are dealing with, we would be investing time and money on programs that could and would have a positive impact on the lives of sick and distressed individuals. Someone would have realized that paperwork is not an effective way of dealing with violent and aggressive individuals.
But please, don’t take my word for it. Just ask Concordia’s counselling and psychological services. That department probably has a bigger impact on our community in one single day than the long-gun registry did in the last decade.

Michel Trahan

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