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Meet the Mo’ter Boaters

by The Concordian November 22, 2011
Meet the Mo’ter Boaters

The Mo'ter Boaters have raised over $3,000 for prostate cancer

Six Concordia friends got together to help a cause that they felt strongly about. Each had different reasons for becoming a Mo bro, but in the end, they all came together to raise awareness and to inspire others to contribute because of the many people affected by cancer. The Mo’ter Boaters led the Concordia network on the Movember Canada website—three of them even took the top three places in the Concordia network donation rankings. At this writing, the Mo’ter Boaters have raised a total of $3,077 towards the cause.

Mat Cuffaro, 21, political science
Cancer in the family:  “My grandfather had prostate cancer, and he’s one of the many reasons I am participating in Movember.”
What inspires him: “Ryan Kelley, our team captain, recruited me. He took notice of my moustache growing potential.”
Favourite man with a ‘stache: “Ron Burgundy, Rollie Fingers, Ben Stiller in Dodgeball and my dad who rocked a great moustache before I was born.”
How it feels to have a moustache:  “Awkward.”
How long he has been a Mo bro:  “I’m a rookie. This is my first year participating. It’s a fun way to raise money and awareness for a cancer that one in seven men in Canada are diagnosed with. I’ve been warned by multiple family members to shave this thing off the second Movember is over and done with.”

Ryan Kelley 21, history major, education minor
(Mo’ter Boaters captain)
Cancer in the family: “My friend’s mom battled breast cancer when we were in high school. It did not directly influence me into taking part in the Movember cause. What influenced me was last year when one of my friends moved to Nova Scotia, we said we should make a team as a way to keep in touch with each other and spread awareness.”
What inspires him: “Knowing I would be a part of a movement that would consequently change men’s health, and helping save lives.”
Favourite man with a ‘stache: “Either Tom Selleck or Hulk Hogan. Both mo’s are trademarks.”
How it feels to have a moustache: “Like I came out of a time machine or I was in the wilderness for a couple of months living off the land. That sums it up.”
How long he has been a Mo bro: “This is my second year participating. But this is the first year the Mo’ter Boaters have come together.”

Julian Cooper, 21, athletic therapyRAISED $585
Cancer in the family:  “Nobody in my direct family has cancer or has died from cancer but there is someone in my extended family with colon cancer. I remember about two years ago when Movember was not as well known, I asked someone why they were growing a moustache and he explained that it was benefiting prostate cancer research and awareness. I’ve been interested in the cause ever since.”
What inspires him: “My father has participated in The Ride to Conquer Cancer for the past two years and has raised a lot of money. This year, I felt it was my turn to get involved in raising awareness in a cause.”
Favourite man with a ‘stache: “George Parros of the Anaheim Ducks.”
How it feels to have a moustache:  “Proud. We are trying to raise awareness so if people stare because I look funny, so be it.”
How long he has been a Mo bro: “First year raising money. I have no problem with people having a good laugh about my facial hair (or lack of). It’s funny, it gets people talking and it raises awareness to the cause. Most people do support us. To those that don’t think it’s serious, before being quick to judge, it would be a good idea to do some research and see how many people are involved in a cause like this. The moustache is a minor part of it all. Women are involved in raising money, too. The important part is that people are working together to help raise awareness and help raise money for research and this stays true no matter what the cause.”

Daniel Kestler-D’Amours, 21, independent studies
Cancer in the family: “My grandmother died of breast cancer. Even if Movember doesn’t have anything to do with breast cancer, I’d like to raise awareness to help the most people possible.”
What inspires him: “I like helping other people. It makes me feel good to help people become happy.”
Favourite man with a ‘stache: “Rollie Fingers.”
How it feels to have a moustache: “I feel ridiculous but I know it’s for a great cause.”
How long he’s been a Mo bro: “This is my first year on an official team and raising money on a team.”

Humza Khan, 21, accounting
Cancer in the family: “I’ve had a family member who passed away due to prostate cancer a couple of years ago, and was one of the main reasons I took part in the annual Movember charity.”
What inspires him: “A very close friend of mine, Madhur Nayan, a medical student and practicing urologist, told me a great deal about prostate cancer and its effects, and I give him credit to why I’m partaking in this charity.”
Favourite man with a ‘stache: “Tom Selleck or Daniel Day Lewis (from the movie Gangs of New York).”
How it feels to have a moustache: “To be honest, at times it does feel irritating to maintain a moustache for one month (I’m not use to keeping one), but knowing it’s for a good cause definitely makes it worth having and when I look back at it at the end of the month, I know I will have no regrets in partaking in this charity.”
How long he’s been a Mo bro: “This is my first year participating in Movember. I would just like to thank everyone who participated in Movember, everyone who helped raise awareness, everyone who read about prostate cancer, who interviewed people or wrote an article, anyone who even remotely helped during this month.”

Justin McAran Bourque, 22, finance major, entrepreneurship minor
Cancer in the family: “My dad suffered from skin cancer a few years back, so I suppose in the back of my mind, anything we can do to kick cancer in the teeth is a good thing.”
What inspires him: “It was actually Ryan Kelley who offered for me to join the Mo’ter Boaters. I had wanted to do Movember since last year, but I was in Vancouver, and it wouldn’t have been the same without my Mo Bros.”
Favourite man with a ‘stache: “[Actor Danny] Trejo. Because I’ll be honest, I’m fairly certain he was born with a moustache.”
How it feels to have a moustache: “The closest way I can describe wearing the moustache is that it is much like wearing aviator sunglasses. The bigger the better, and people can’t 100 per cent see your reaction.”
How long he’s been a Mo bro: “This is my first year partaking in Movember, although this will not be my last.”

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