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by The Concordian November 1, 2011
I only have 150 words to write what this week’s mixtape is all about. There are three or four words I could use that would perfectly explain the whole thing, but unfortunately they are part of a lost language etched into pillars that lie in the Indian Ocean, leaving me only with English to inadequately describe the theme behind this mix. It is intended to capture the feel of a long night of cigarettes and wine and taxis, the capitulation of the day to the fever dream of drinks, dances and moonlight. From the ecstatic opening of “You” to the delirious climax of “OCAD Flu,” the first half is all about the rise of midnight empires, while the second is intended to embody the slow descent of last night into tomorrow during the pre-dawn hours when the serotonin is exhausted, ending with the dreamy embrace of Heathered Pearls and M83.

Listen to the mixtape here: 8tracks.com/the_concordian/rise_and_fall 


1. “You” – Gold PandaLucky Shiner
2. “Biddies” – Mo KoloursDrum Talking EP
3. “Abducted” – CultsCults
4. “Nightcall” – KavinskySingle
5. “Suffocation (Los Campesinos! Remix)” – White Ring – Suffocation
6. “Stockholm Syndrome” – Goose HutMoney Money Love Love
7. “Lofticries” – Purity RingUngirthed 7″
8. “Police” – Gold PandaCompanion
9. “Time Code”- Bright EyesDigital Ash in a Digital Urn
10. “OCAD Flu”- Foxes in FictionAlberto


11. “Safety” – tUnE-yArDsBiRd-BrAiNs
12. “Amazing and Wonderful” – Peaking Lights936
13. “Peace in the Valley” – Rev. Lonnie FarrisSingle
14. “Ringing Temple (Deceased Version)” – Heathered PearlsMother Pearl
15. “My Angel Rocks Back and Forth” – Four TetRounds
16. “May You Never” – Land of TalkFun and Laughter
17. “Brokendate” – Com TruiseGalactic Melt
18. “A With Living” – Do Make Say ThinkYou, You’re A History in Rust
19. “Major Spillage” – White Rainbow New Clouds
20. “Midnight Souls Still Remain” – M83Saturdays=Youth

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