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by The Concordian November 29, 2011
I guess Something is Shocking after all

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell pissed off Brazilian fans last week when he said that they were “uneducated about music.” Farrell made the comments in an interview with the country’s biggest newspaper, Folha de S. Paulo. In the interview, the singer addressed the Lollapalooza Brazil ticketing debacle in which hackers got a hold of purchasers’ private information and published it on the web. After the interview was published, Brazilians went on Twitter to express their anger at the perceived slight. “My wife took me to Twitter. I was going crazy,” said Farrell. “I said, ‘My God, Etty, they hate me! They are very angry with me. I messed up?’” The singer then tweeted back, saying he had been misquoted and denying he had called Brazilians musically uneducated. Farrell says he was hurt by the whole affair. “I’m sensitive, man. I’m leaving Brazil, and I swear, I lost a few years [of life].”

If they file two more, the next one’s free!

In the latest chapter of the Gallagher brothers’ ongoing dispute, Noel Gallagher has filed a countersuit against his brother Liam, accusing him of irresponsible behavior leading up to Oasis’ breakup in 2009. This suit comes at the heels of Liam taking legal action against his brother for dragging his name through the mud after their band backed out of a gig headlining the V Festival that same year. In a 14-page writ filed by Noel, he accuses his brother of, among others things, leaving abusive voicemails, disrupting performances due to intoxication and trying to attack him with a guitar in his dressing room during the band’s heyday. Though Noel had reportedly apologized for the slanderous comments he made regarding the V Festival, a spokesman for Liam said: “The matter is now in the hands of lawyers.”

Hopping like a moron in front of your TV: the game

The Black Eyed Peas have a new game out for Wii and Xbox 360. The Black Eyed Peas Experience allows players to wiggle and gyrate uncontrollably in front of their TVs to a slew of their greatest hits, including “Boom Boom Pow” and “Don’t Phunk with My Heart.” Rapper Taboo said that having his own video game was a “surreal” experience. “Me being a Mexican kid from East L.A., I never imagined I’d be playing the Superbowl or performing on Oprah. And now, having my own video game, that is the ultimate feeling,” he said. Fergie, ever the class act, commented, “I’ve always liked playing with the joystick, from an early age.”

Harvard ain’t nothing to fuck wit’

Founding Wu-Tang member GZA will be delivering a lecture at Harvard’s Black Men’s Forum this Thursday. Topics are said to include The Genius’ lyrical craftsmanship, his time with the Wu-Tang and his music career in general. The rapper will also reportedly visit other prestigious Massachusetts establishments such as MIT and the Broad Institute in the hopes of gaining inspiration for his upcoming solo album, due for release in 2012.

Ozzy F*cking Osbourne gets a f*cking radio show

Metal’s crown prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne will be hosting his own show on SiriusXM Radio later this year. Ozzy’s Boneyard will give the Sabbath frontman a chance to play his favourite songs, sprinkling in personal stories and appearances by family members Sharon, Jack and Kelly. “After everything I’ve been through in my career I never imagined I’d end up with my own radio channel on SiriusXM. This is fucking amazing!” said Osbourne. “Does this mean I can play whatever I want?”

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