Testy emails exchanged over nullification of CEO’s appointment

Discontent over the judicial board’s decision to nullify chief electoral officer Bram Goldstein’s appointment spilled over into a back-and-forth email exchange on Sunday and Monday.
Tomer Shavit, a CSU councillor last year and defendant for last year’s council at the JB hearing that took place on Nov. 1, initially sent out an email whose subject line read “Regarding cancelling the council meeting” to express his disappointment over the potential cancellation of the council meeting set to take place on Nov. 9.
President Lex Gill had previously sent out an internal email to councillors to ask them whether they would have any concerns about cancelling Wednesday’s meeting. By Sunday evening, Gill had decided against cancelling the meeting and sent out notice of the meeting by email.
Shavit’s mass email garnered several replies, both positive and negative, from council members, as well as from Gill.
“The CSU Council, executive, board members and senators do not have publicly available email addresses so that you can send rude, abusive, or irrelevant commentary,” Gill wrote in reply.
Gill noted that other methods would be better suited to express his views. She added, “To whatever councillor continues to forward internal emails to outside actors, please note that a number of representatives have now expressed significant concern to me regarding this, and I recommend that you reflect on your duties and responsibilities as a director of this corporation.”
In an interview, Gill specified that she “[doesn’t] really have a problem with any member seeing those emails — no one really cares — the problem is that person is doing it anonymously, and if they were acting in good faith then they wouldn’t do it anonymously.”
Shavit explained in an email his reasoning behind using the mailing list as a means to express his discontent. “The use of the listserv started because Morgan [Pudwell, CSU VP advocacy and outreach] used it to send ‘confidential’ emails to council regarding the firing of the CEO,” Shavit wrote in an email to The Concordian.
When asked how he had knowledge of the contents of the emails, Shavit wrote, “I became privy to these emails because I have my sources.”


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