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The Sea and Cake bake up a show from scratch

by The Concordian November 15, 2011
The only bad thing about The Sea and Cake concert at La Sala Rossa on Nov. 6 was that I spent the entire time trying to think of a clever baking pun for the title of this article.
Aside from a couple of technical issues affecting the bands monitors, the boys played a tight show that had audience members calling out and moving along to the beat. Well, they were moving as much as a crowd of hipsters can, which is indiscernible to the untrained eye.
Their set, which included classics like “Afternoon Speaker” as well as some of their favourite tracks to play off their new album The Moonlight Butterfly, such as “Inn Keeping,” kept the momentum going throughout their hour-long set.  Continuing with their new foray into lengthier compositions, drummer John McEntire treated the audience to an epic drum solo and just as lead vocalist and guitarist Sam Prekop told The Concordian last week, he and lead guitarist Archer Prewitt dabbled in the “delicate guitar interplay” that they’re so well known for.
“It’s like we’re finishing each others’ sentences,” he told us. And they did.
After a satisfying set, the foursome exited backstage, but didn’t make the crowd work too hard for an encore.  A few moments later they returned to play three more numbers, finishing with “Lyric,” a track Prekop told us he loves playing live and now we know why―they absolutely killed every beat and every riff, and Prekop’s beautifully airy vocals carried it all the way to the end.

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