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World in brief, Nov. 15

by The Concordian November 15, 2011
Teacher might lose job over Facebook comment
A judge has recommended that a teacher in Paterson, NJ should lose her job for posting on Facebook that “i’m not a teacher – i’m a warden for future criminals” in March of this year. In a decision made public Tuesday, Judge Ellen Bass wrote that first-grade teacher Jennifer O’Brien showed a “complete lack of sensitivity to the world in which her students live,” explaining that such behaviour would be “inexcusable” anywhere but was especially so in the city of Paterson, which struggles with poverty and violence, the Record reported. Bass did say that with sensitivity training, O’Brien could resume teaching, but not in Paterson. O’Brien’s lawyer said she would appeal to let the teacher keep her job, saying the words had been misinterpreted. The lawyer said O’Brien was concerned about the behaviour of a few students whom she thought needed help. The state education commissioner will decide whether to accept, reject, or modify the recommendations within the next 45 days.
Virginity on the market for $15,000
Escort agency MyOutCall is offering to sell the virginity of a 19-year-old Chinese student who says she is studying at Sydney University for $15,000, a sex industry consulting firm has found. The Telegraph contacted a manager at MyOutCall on Nov. 8 who confirmed that the offer was real, adding that it was a pretty common phenomenon. Australian Family Association spokesman and research head Tim Cannon spoke out against the discovery, saying it hearkened back to the days of slavery. Chris Seage, head of the Brothel Busters consulting firm, said Asian girls who come to Australia to study often get themselves into debt. Seage said there is no law to stop the escort agency from selling the teenager’s virginity.
Like catching flies with honey
Police in Derbyshire, U.K. told crime suspects to call a marketing company in exchange for a free case of beer in order to get them behind bars. According to the Telegraph, the officers from Chesterfield Police Station sent letters to dozens of suspects in a sting known as Operation Rocky. In the letters, they told the suspects to arrange for a specific time and place to pick up the beer. When the men arrived to pick up the “free booze” they instead found police waiting to arrest them.

20 kids and counting
The family at the heart of reality TV show ‘‘19 Kids And Counting’’ will soon count one more child among them. Michelle Duggar and husband Jim Bob of Little Rock, AR already have 10 boys and nine girls, according to Agence France-Presse. Duggar, 45, suffered complications from the birth of their youngest in 2009, but said she is not worried for her health. Meanwhile, although the pregnancy was a surprise, Jim Bob, 46, said they didn’t want to have an odd number of children. This couple must have single-handedly upped the average American birthrate by at least three children.

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