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How do you get to Concordia?

by Jenna Monney-Lupert January 17, 2012
How do you get to Concordia?

Alix Vander Vlugt – Student, film studies

It’s two metro stops between McGill and Guy-Concordia, so it’s fairly quick and easy. I like it a lot. I can wake up with 10 minutes left before class and still get there on time. It’s better than the stories I hear about people who have to come in from the West Island and have to spend an hour [to get to school].








Karen Guibord – Supervisor of circulation at Vanier Library

It’s great because I walk. I have no trouble and I find it very healthy. [Commuting during winter] is a little more challenging. Like yesterday, when the streets and sidewalks were not done, walking is tiring, but on a good day, it’s a 15-minute walk max. 






Oulimata Soumare – Student, political science

I usually take the 165 bus and it drops me right off at Guy-Concordia so I just have to walk a few blocks. The bus usually takes 15 minutes sometimes 20 when there’s a lot of traffic and then it’s just a five minute walk. It’s really nice because it’s fast and close to school.







Simone Chartrand – Student, classical civilization

I take the 99 bus to Longueuil, then hop on the metro to Berri-UQAM and then take the green line to Guy-Concordia. It’s not too long [and] I only have 2 days of school, so I’m not in a rush. And now that I take the train at night, it’s more relaxing and it misses the traffic and the weather doesn’t affect it. Whenever I had to take the bus home, it would be a pain in the butt, especially in this weather because the buses are running late.





Kevin Gascoigne – Funding and outreach coordinator at CJLO 1690 AM

My daily commute to school is a bike ride, usually, and it takes about a half-hour and it’s a lot of fun. I’m prepared to bike for most of the winter except for on snowy days like today where I’ll take the bus and metro because I don’t have a very good winter bike.








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