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Stripping down to the truth

by The Concordian January 10, 2012

Montreal is a city recognized around the world for its multiculturalism, cuisine, arts, fashion and obviously, nightlife. Hit up Crescent Street, Ste-Catherine or St-Laurent to find some of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges, and of course, strip clubs.
For many, Montreal’s adult nightlife rates higher than that of Amsterdam’s. Yes, that Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Most tourists from nearby cities class Montreal on a level of its own, simply because of our cheap alcohol, cheap dances and good-looking people.
With that, many people still have mixed feelings about going to a strip club. To some it feels so wrong and immoral, while others just want to let loose and have a great night.
“Excuse the pun, but titillation,” said Dr. Jim Pfaus, a psychology professor at Concordia, when asked about the appeal of strip clubs. “As a group, the male dynamic, just like the female dynamic, feeds on itself. One guy gets excited because breasts are revealed, and the rest follow up. It’s a big disinhibition,” he said.
With friends, most people wouldn’t mind going to a strip club. But when it comes to boyfriends or girlfriends, things change.
“I don’t think I would mind if my girlfriend went to a strip club,” said Dave Neuman, who is majoring in finances. “I feel like she’d take it more as a joke more than anything.”
However, some Concordia students do not feel the same way. They would not be too comfortable if their partner went.
“I wouldn’t let my girlfriend go, even though I trust her,” said Joseph Bartlett, majoring in accounting. “I’d assume alcohol would be present and she might do something that would bother me without realizing.”
Most strip clubs do not ban people from the opposite sex. In many places, it is not unusual to see people go in as a couple. Going as a couple can be a great way of building a relationship. However, it can easily end one just as fast.
Pfaus believes that going to a strip club as a couple should be beneficial for a relationship.
“The problem would come from jealousy,” he continued, “if one member of the couple isn’t really comfortable with the whole idea, and has some self-esteem issues, they might feel less attractive than the dancer. They might not feel comfortable if they see their partner fantasizing about what is in front of them.”
When talking about strip clubs, the typical ‘gentleman’s club’ with female dancers is usually being referred to. In reality, girls will go to male strip clubs, no matter how discomforting it is to some men.
“Yes, I would go to one,” said Amanda Signoretta, who’s majoring in Italian. “I would go to a male strip club with friends and I would go to one with girls.”
Many girls share the same view. Guys, however, tend to automatically associate male strip clubs with homosexuality.
“It would feel strange,” said Kevin Marriott, majoring in finances, “I feel guys there would assume I’m gay.”
That fear of being looked at as homosexual still looms over some guys when it comes to male strip clubs. Even with a girl, most said they would not want to go to one.
Today, the appeal of going to a strip club has remained the same as it has been for years. Whether it is a guys’ night or a ladies’ night out on the town, in many cases, the idea of going to a strip club emerges.
There are many misconceptions about going to a strip club. Dancers at strip clubs are not escorts. Seeing how prostitution is illegal in many parts of the world, it seems that dancers are not looking to sleep with customers at the end of the night.
Just by doing a simple search on Google, it is easy to find out that most dancers are there to make money. At the end of the day, it is a job and people make a living off of it. A lot of dancers will freely admit that they are not coming on to someone because they are attractive or charming, but rather because they like the look of that big, fat… wallet.

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