Time to make bar plan B your plan A

It’s Saturday night and you’re going to your favourite hangout to grab some beers and catch up with friends. But once you get there, the bar is full and you’re stuck waiting for a table. It’s been 15 minutes and tables aren’t clearing out. It’s time for a Plan B. Situated in the perfect location at the corner of Mont-Royal and St-Denis, why not literally check out Bar Plan B?

With a relaxed and warm atmosphere, Plan B can be the perfect place to grab drinks and enjoy the evening with company. Like its name suggests, when all else fails, try Plan B.

Don’t expect a dance floor,  as this bar is fairly small, but its cozy terrace makes it a perfect choice for those warmer nights.

The decor is nothing special—a contemporary style with black leather booths and trendy mirrors drape the walls, but it creates a modern feel and charming atmosphere.

The older crowd (aged 25-35) and extensive drink menu qualifies this hangout as a high-end bar, and more than just a regular pub. Don’t let that intimidate you though, Plan B has a completely relaxed ambiance with student-friendly prices.     

You can find a detailed menu filled with a large selection of alcohols featuring different types of vodka, rum, scotch and whisky. Their exciting selection includes Hendricks gin, Belvédère vodka, and even an assortment of tequila and grappa.

Are you celebrating an occasion? Have some shooters. Having a girl’s night out and you’re feeling fancy? Try their cocktails and martinis. They can mix you up a tasty Mojito, a Long Island Iced Tea, a Mint Julep or a Stinger, just to name a few, or grab a simple pitcher of beer starting at just $6.50.    

Not to mention, they have a wide range of wines to choose from—white, red, and rosé sold by the glass or bottle.   

Their large and detailed drink menu can be explained by their philosophy that customers should drink quality and not quantity, as they mention on their website. Don’t arrive at Plan B on an empty stomach, however. Their food menu is comprised of simple finger-foods such as mixed nuts, olives, and cheese platters.

While enjoying your drinks, your ears will be attuned to typical Lounge music. Thankfully, it is played at a reasonable volume so you can make conversation without having to yell.

On a Saturday night, Plan B tends to fill up quickly, adding to the bar’s lively and vibrant environment. In my experience, the service was great; friendly waiters and drinks were served in almost no time.

Despite its key location in the heart of Le Plateau, Bar Plan B can be easily missed. Keep your eyes open for the little red “B” on top of the door or the even smaller “B” on the door.

Nonetheless, devoting your full attention to finding the bar is worth it. This charming high-end bar is intimate enough for a date night, but relaxed enough to just grab some beers with friends.

It  is sure to please students as well as businessmen after a long day at work. Who knows—next Saturday night, it might just end up being your plan A.

Location: 327 Mont-Royal East. Open every day from 3 p.m. till 3 a.m. You can also check out their website at www.barplanb.ca for more information.

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