Senate in brief

Filming Senate meetings
The issue of filming meetings is a hot topic at Concordia this year and there has been discussion about the possible benefits of broadcasting monthly Senate meetings. The CSU films its meetings live, and some senators feel that Senate should do the same. Others expressed concern at the last two meetings that filming will be distracting, and inhibit frank discussion. Advocates argue that meetings are already open to the public and media and that no harm would be inflicted if cameras were allowed inside the meeting room. A committee will be created to evaluate the challenges and feasibility of filming Senate, the composition of which will be determined by the steering committee.

Terms and proposed bylaw changes
At the Feb. 17 meeting, a series of bylaw changes were passed that will affect Senate’s composition. One of the major changes include increasing the number of voting members from 53 to 55 with two senators who are being appointed from the School of Extended Learning. This discussion also included the topic of terms of limits for senators. It was recommended that full-time faculty members serve on Senate for a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. It was made clear that senators whose terms end in the summer of 2012 will be given the chance to retain their seats for one additional year.

International College name change
The Arts and Science Faculty Council’s recommendation to change the name of Loyola International College was approved. The change to Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability received mixed reception from senators. Those who either did not see the value of the change or thought the new name was overly specific brought up their concerns. The college offers minors in sustainability studies as well as in diversity and the contemporary world. Supporters of the change said that the new name will reflect the college more accurately and draw more interest from students. The motion will next be sent to the Board of Governors for final approval.


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