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The ties that bind the Sam Roberts Band

by The Concordian February 13, 2012
The ties that bind the Sam Roberts Band

The Sam Roberts Band played a show in Montreal February 10, 2012.

The ripples in the plastic beer cups were reminiscent of the scene in Jurassic Park where tremors within a single glass of water forewarn the arrival of the T-Rex. The only difference here was that these vibrations were brought on by melodies coupled with an intricate, pounding mix of instruments that held a different meaning, one where music has the power to touch everything.
The Sam Roberts Band played a hometown show at Metropolis on Feb.10 that was energetic, wistful and enchanting all at once.
Launching with “I Feel You,” a single off their newest album Collider (2011), the blues inspired song immediately engaged the crowd.
The two-hour concert was a harmony of various styles and emotions, old and new songs, and a balance between light and dark.
The Sam Roberts Band has a knack for penning music that is layered with contrast. From heartfelt ballads like “With a Bullet” to psychedelic songs like “No Sleep,” layered with undertones of blues in “Detroit ’67,” the band showcased their diverse talents.
Of course the band took to playing some of their more cheerful songs, like “Fixed to Ruin” and “Don’t Walk Away Eileen.” Moreover, the entire crowd joined in with songs like “Where Have All The Good People Gone?” and “Brother Down,” the song that made them famous 10 years ago. The booming chorus added to the sparkling lights and electric atmosphere.
The intimate venue sparked a warm connection between the audience and the band. Lead guitarist Dave Nugent, bassist James Hall, drummer Josh Trager, keyboardist Eric Fares and guest saxophone player Chet Doxas accompanied frontman Sam Roberts.
Sometimes, though, the softness of the keyboard and saxophone were lost on the crowd, which was a shame because it rounded out the 21-song setlist nicely.
There is something to be said about a local show by a Canadian group that has come so far in the last decade. The Montreal mention within their lyrics and the ability to address the crowd in French and English is special within its own right, but the band clearly adores its hometown. Roberts greeted his fans several times throughout the night, with special mentions of his family, friends and even the waiting staff. By the end, the show gave off the equally comforting and eerie feeling that the crowd and the band had grown together, united by the music and the city.

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