CSU exec accused of not being a student

VP Advocacy Morgan Pudwell was accused of not being a registered student.
VP Advocacy Morgan Pudwell was accused of not being a registered student.

The current student status of Concordia Student Union vice-president advocacy Morgan Pudwell was questioned last week, leading to a report issued by Chair Nick Cuillerier. The report stated that two unidentified members of either council, the executive or the judicial board were not registered students according to the Dean of Students’ office, but the names are not being divulged just yet.

“Yes, I am a student,” Pudwell told The Concordian. “I’m not comfortable announcing my class schedule publicly [but] I am taking a class. […] It is disconcerting that Mr. Shavit has taken the personal issues he has with members of our executive to such low levels.”
She went on to say that accessing or claiming to have access to confidential information is a breach of privacy, and should be taken seriously.
“I certainly hope Mr. Shavit recognizes the implications of his behaviour,” she said. “It is shocking and upsetting that students’ rights are being abused in such a manner.”
With regards to not divulging the identities of the two individuals who were not on the office’s list of registered students, Cuillerier indicated there could be a variety of reasons for why they are not. He said both people have been notified and have been asked to apply for temporary CSU membership status until the union’s next regular council meeting on April 11, where Cuillerier said he hopes the two people will elaborate on why they may not have been on the list.
Despite Pudwell’s denial of any claims against her, Shavit maintained that he “got this information from a very credible source within the CSU.”
If Pudwell’s name is released as one of the students not registered on the membership list, she could face legal action, said Shavit.
“If it’s true, the ramifications are very serious because [Pudwell] is not a fee-paying member, so it’s illegal for her to collect a salary,” he said.

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  1. Witch hunt Mr.Shavit? Why would anyone not insure that one of the basic and well known conditions of being a CSU member is not met! Truly, what is your agenda? Cut to the quick, and stand up!

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