Letters of support

I got the chance to work with Chuck Wilson at the Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA). When I heard he was running for VP Academic and Advocacy of the CSU, I was hesitant, not because he couldn’t do it, but because the ECA would lose its most prized possession. Handling academic affairs is the language of chuck’s soul. His passion for student life is nothing short of unbelievable. Student leader and engineering guru, Chuck really made a nest in the engineering world of undergraduate student life. I have no doubt that Chuck will prove to all the undergraduates that Concordia can excel in academic affairs. This opinion isn’t to tell you to vote for Chuck Wilson for the CSU, it’s to tell everyone who can hear me that the CSU needs him. I am very excited to see what Concordia could be, and who better to show me than a born leader?

At the behest of ASFA I have been requested to promote some of those running for CSU this coming election. In a sea of zealous buffoonery that is student politics, there does stand one magnificent exception to this generalization, and that is Alexis Suzuki. In my past years of experience dealing with ASFA, there has been a constant trend of naivety yielding a lack of efficiency and a decline of respect for the group as whole from the science student population – this year turned that around. This years executives were extremely efficient and professional in all of our dealings with complete transparency and practicality in terms of actions/decisions made by the executive in question as per each endeavour that we faced together. When I say this, I am thinking of the activities of Alexis Suzuki and Laura Gomez, both of whom have done a fantastic job of keeping their opinions in check and doing their best to keep their decisions/actions/statements at an objective level that is absent of any form of bias or subtext. While Laura is not, to my knowledge, running for anything in terms of the CSU, Alexis is running for and should be elected as the VP of Student Life. Alexis has been both transparent and objective in her actions (including response to criticism), in all of her presentations and decisions made in her position as the VP Communications of ASFA. All in all, people always wonder why the people that should be running student goverment never run for set positions, well one of them is now. Vote for Alexis for the CSU’s VP of Student Life, its the smart thing to do.
Harrison Saulnier
Paragon of the Association of Biochemistry and Chemistry

Alexis Suzuki is a fun, dynamic, and poised student leader. As Co-President of an ASFA member association, I have worked with her throughout her term as VP Communications & Promotions. Alexis has tremendous vision for unifying student life at ASFA. She has been working tirelessly developing a new website that will promote the work student leaders across campus put into planning new initiatives and events. Having seen the website develop, it is clear that Alexis wants student life at ASFA to be more accessible and inclusive. As VP Student Life, I believe Alexis will bring her vision of a unified ASFA to the CSU level. Alexis has a deep appreciation for the diversity of student life on campus. I’m confident that, as VP Student Life, Alexis will work towards a unified, accessible, and visible student life on campus. It will be a heck of a lot of fun too!
Thank you,
Alexandra Cote

I have known Erika Couto, who is running for FASA’s VP Clubs and Services, for the better part of three years. Our relationship started out on the professional side (she was the editor-in-chief of our Cegep newspaper and I was her co-editor), but soon blossomed into a real friendship. Her constant encouragement while we worked together really helped me to open up and I know that she had a huge part in making my Cegep experience a great one. Working so closely with Erika showed me exactly what kind of person she is. This young woman is the walking definition of a go-getter. If she wants something done, she does it. Now, I hate to sound cheesy, but Erika Couto takes care of business and she does it in her own way. This is exactly why I know she will be a great asset to FASA as the VP Clubs and Services. She stays calm and organized, even with a pile of work in front of her and, believe me, she will work until it is done. Erika is also incredibly accessible, be it by phone, email, Facebook or Twitter, this young lady is out there and eager to help out or answer any questions one may have. Not only is she incredibly accessible, but she is very easy to talk to as well. Erika is very smart and informed, but also open and easy-going and after talking to her for five minutes, you will realize this as well. Erika Couto is someone who really does care about making our university experience a better one and I know that she will do whatever she can to make it happen. Voting Erika Couto for FASA VP Clubs and Services is voting for a better university experience and is that not what we all want?
Brittany Lee

Since Chuck Wilson joined Space Concordia as the Project Manager for our satellite design competition, he and I have had some absolutely thunderous arguments. We usually debate a wide variety of issues: is the oxford comma useful (it isn’t); should a first-year Computer Engineering project focus on hovercrafts or robotics (robotics); and whether Romeo and Juliet is more tragic because they both die (it is). Chuck is always up for debate. I can’t think of a single topic where he doesn’t hold a well-reasoned opinion. Though we may disagree on some issues, I’ve not yet met another student who is able to speak with as much thoughtful conviction and poise. This is Chuck’s core: diligent passion – the ability to think critically while caring deeply. As an engineer, he cultivates this critical reasoning. In managing Space Concordia’s satellite project, he is my go-to guy when I have a design question or need to make sure a subsystem team is on track. I can always rely on him to make the tough decisions or take up an original viewpoint. His discipline and engineering instinct give him a critical mind that helps drive our project. But he’s not only an engineer. He’s an artist, too. Right after an absurdly difficult week at Space Concordia, he gave an intricate hour-long performance in a percussion show in his native Ottawa. When I asked him how he ever got the time to practice with his group, he said, “Oh, I just picked it up with them when I got there.” He got there in the morning, and the show was in the afternoon. As someone who doesn’t know the first thing about performance art, I don’t know how anyone could pick up on the group’s synchronization that quickly, except that it comes from an innate passion; this passion comes naturally to Chuck and exhibits itself in his daily routine. As VP Academic and Advocacy for the CSU, Chuck Wilson will argue passionately and rationally for students. If you don’t believe me, just go ask him. Challenge him on an issue and you’ll see the passionate reasoning I’m talking about. Chuck is easy to find: he’ll be the one with the beard, the spirited gestures, and the ideas.
Nicholas Sweet
President of Space Concordia

Amid the almost expected CSU scandals and corruption, there are many reasons I don’t want to vote for next year’s executive team. However, there is one person that has changed my opinion and I plan on voting for her: Stephanie Beauregard, running for VP Finance. I met Stephanie 2 years ago when we joined the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and we have been close friends ever since. Steph is extremely trustworthy, determined and understanding. She has the experience to take on this position but she has also done her research and spoken to as many people as possible to get information for her campaign. She is someone who can make unbiased decisions that will better us in the future, works well in a team, and has the ability to be objective and financially responsible. Steph is extremely open and has the best intentions in running for this position; I encourage anyone with questions to reach out to her. I know she has what it takes to be VP Finance and therefore has my full support. While I do not necessarily support all of her Concordia Could Be teammates, I believe in Stephanie and know that she can make CSU a more financially responsible student union.
Michelle Dabora
Marketing Student, JMSB


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