“Mr. Steve” of Steve’s Music Store dies at 65

After a brief illness and hospitalization at Montreal General Hospital, Steve Kirman, or “Mr. Steve” as he was called by his employees, passed away.
Known for his extraordinary customer service, endless knowledge of music, instruments, amplifiers, and just about anything else music-related, Kirman owned and operated Steve’s Music Store since 1965. Despite his encyclopedic knowledge of everything music, Kirman didn’t play any instruments or sing—he dedicated himself fully to his chosen craft, providing high-quality service and musical instruments to anyone who walked through his doors.
“His favourite instrument was the cash register,” his son Michael told The Gazette.
While he was recognized for his astute business sense and ability to cater to his clientele, Kirman is remembered for having a “big bark, but no bite,” by store manager Sheldon Sazant, who spoke to The Gazette earlier this week.
Kirman attributed his success to good timing, noting that electric music was just picking up in popularity when he opened his store during the British pop invasion that included the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
Kirman is survived by his wife Lea, son Michael, daughter Heidi, his brother, two sisters and four grandchildren.


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