Stingers unable to compete against Canada’s best

Kaylah Barrett’s 34 points weren’t enough to upset Regina. Photo by Josh Schaefer

The road to the top is not often a straight one. The women’s basketball team understood that after they lost to McGill on March 2 in the RSEQ finals, but were given a second chance to make it to Calgary for the national championship, that is, if they won the West Regional tournament in Saskatoon.

However, they did not. Goliath won against David and their game against the number one team in the country, the University of Regina, ended as most would have predicted.

Regina’s Cougars didn’t take long to start their engine, leading the Stingers 6-0 halfway through the first quarter, taking their opportunities from Concordia’s missed chances. The Stingers were trailing behind, and had to fight an uphill battle to make their way back into the game.

Then, it was another episode of  “The Kaylah Barrett Show” that started as this year’s MVP took it upon herself to carry the team, taking the Stingers to within eight after the first quarter.

Barrett continued her one-man show into the second quarter. With the help of teammates Tina Mpondani  and Anne-Marie Prophete, Concordia battled a very skilled Regina team but continued to struggle trailing 39-26 at halftime.

The Cougars stretched their lead in the beginning of the third quarter, as both forward Lindsay Ledingham and guard Michelle Clark made three-point jump shots 30 seconds apart, making it 47-26 for Regina. Despite Barrett, Prophete and Mpondani’s combined efforts, the Cougars finished the third quarter with a comfortable 21-point lead of the Stingers.

The Stingers were unable to rally on time in the fourth quarter, despite Barrett’s tremendous 16 points, and lost 73-60.

Kaylah Barrett led the team in this ultimate game with an impressive 34 points. Anne-Marie Prophete finished with 11 points and Magalie Beaulieu with six points.

This loss put a definite end to a season that started with great expectations, but was dismantled with ups and downs and injuries. What is left now is to reflect on a season that could have been so much more and look forward to next season.


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