CSU exec Morgan Pudwell not a registered student

A report into the student status of Concordia Student Union members has revealed that Morgan Pudwell, who resigned suddenly from her position of VP advocacy and outreach earlier this week, is not a registered student.
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At the April 11 Concordia Student Union council meeting, the resignation of former VP advocacy and outreach, Morgan Pudwell, was addressed. Council went into closed session for the reading of a statement issued by Pudwell, who was not present at the meeting.

President Lex Gill said  when asked about Pudwell’s student status, that she could not discuss academic or health issues of her former colleague but that “[Pudwell] is working to resolve the situation.”

The issue was not discussed more at council following the closed session, in part because Pudwell was in transit and unable to attend the meeting.

According to an email sent to councillors from CSU chairperson Nick Cuillerier,  the Dean of Students office confirmed that Pudwell and Arts and Science councillor Amero Muiny are not registered as students at the university.

At the Wednesday meeting, it was stated by Cuillerier that Muiny would be submitting an official resignation to council in the near future.

CSU council mandated an investigation into the status of its executive, council and judicial board members at a council meeting in March. Pudwell walked out of the last regular CSU council meeting  after former CSU councillor Tomer Shavit accused her of not being a registered student. Pudwell stated illness as her reason for leaving.

With only six weeks left in her term, Pudwell informed her fellow CSU executives  in a formal letter sent on Tuesday that her last day in office will be April 17. The news of her resignation surfaced mid-day Wednesday.

According to Pudwell, she is no longer able to maintain her position because she has been dealing with health concerns.

During the last two weeks of her term, Pudwell wrote in her letter that she would “tie up loose ends with on-going projects and produce documentation for the incoming executive.”

This is not the first time Pudwell has stepped down from student politics at Concordia. In March 2011, Pudwell publicly resigned from her VP position in the 2010-2011 CSU executive citing personal reasons.



    1. Wow. Are you serious? Can you tell us your name so we know who you are? Otherwise, don’t be so totally disrespectful and disingenuous.

      1. She flat out lied to the students that she is being paid to represent. I think borntobewild’s comment is totally justified. Someone like this does not deserve respect. 

        I see you’re a strike supporter. Are you also angered by the university’s mismanagement of funds? The huge salaries paid to administrators? Woodsworth’s big payout? If you answered yes to these things, how could you not be enraged by Pudwell? If we’re going to support unregistered students running our union, why don’t we just go to the next level and have complete outsiders do the job *cough* BoG *cough*?

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