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No more strike general assemblies planned

by George Menexis April 3, 2012
No more strike general assemblies planned

The Concordia Student Union does not plan to hold any further general assemblies to vote on a strike, opting instead to work very closely with some departmental associations who will continue to hold their own GAs.

“Our message is clear, we want to negotiate, but the government won’t even do that,” said CSU President Lex Gill. “We’re so proud to have a little over 15,000 supporters within the community.”

The CSU, however, is not planning to hold another general assembly to solidify Concordia undergraduates’ position on the strike. Unless, of course, the students demand one.

“If a petition is formed in question of another general assembly, we will definitely look into it,” said Gill.

The CSU has been working very closely with some associations on organizing departmental GAs and funding striking activities. Gill said she is proud of the communication between these associations and the CSU.

“Most of our time consists of working with departments and keeping everything organized, funding them, and helping them all the way through,” said Gill. “They’ve done an excellent job in giving students the opportunity to express their opinions.”

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